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Yesterday, my girlfriend,Amanda ,and I went to Cedar Point for the very first time. The adventure began around 6:00 AM when we left from my house in western PA. We stopped at a McDonald's in Youngstown for breakfast around 8:00.

We arrived at Cedar Point around 10:30 and were expecting huge crowds, but the parking lot wasn't very crowded but had about 2 dozen buses. We got our tickets and we were in the park by 11. A sign right in the gates said TTD would be closed. But it did open up several times during the day.

Our first ride of the day was the Raptor. The sign said an hour wait, but the line moved amlost the whole time because of 3 train op. With the 3 train op, it was only a 35 minute wait. Now this ride was just plain great. When you look out to lake erie, it must be the greatest view in the world. The drop is great, and i love how you kind of just hang there during the loop.

Next up was the Blue Streak. Amanda and I though it was a great ride, but the line moved just plain slow. The queve was only 1/4 full, but it was still a 25-30 minute wait. Not a bad ride though.

We headed back to see if there were any freeway(?) stamps left for Millennium Force. We saw it was broken down anyways. They were already souled out for the day. Oh well, we still got stamps for Mantis for 7-8.

Next up was the Iron Dragon. Only about a 5 minute wait, and it's not even worth that long of a wait. This must be once of the most boring rides in the world. I could have fell asleep during the first part of the ride, and the second have was ok i guess.

Next we went on the corkscrew which was a literal walk-on. Did i ever mention i hate very old arrow looper trains? They're desgined for people from about 48-50 inches. Wow, it killed my legs but still an enjoyable ride!

It was around 1 o'clock by now, so it was time for lunch. So we got Cedar Point's famous Chili Cheese Fries and a Pepsi. We saw TTD was finally running, so we wen to the TTD bleachers and wathced it in action. People began flying through the queve and within 3 minutes it was full. But, 5 minutes later, it broke down. Smoke was coming from the back of the car I think. Oh well, it opened up in a bit.

We got in 2 more Raptor rides with waits uner 20 minutes. Both times in the very back which was great.

We then saw Demon Drop was a walk-on so we did it. Then again. Both times only about a 3 minute wait.

We then decided to head by the back of the park. We saw the Magnum had about a 10 minute wait, so we got in line. my god there are so many bugs in the line for this. I heard many people oh here say sea 1-3 is the best, so we sat there. My god is this ride amazing! By far the best ride i have ever riden. The final camelback in the tunnel is one of the coolest things ever. I can see why this has been Number one since 1989. Well, after that, we rode it again, and again, and again. Four rides on the Magnum in about 50 mniutes. GOD BLESS 3 TRAIN OPERATION!!!

After that it was the Gemini. Only a 3 mniute wait. while in the line, we saw that the MF was back open! I believe that ride knocked my back out, then knocked it back in all in the same ride. Also, on the ride, these two kids, about 15-16, kept screamin "I DO WHAT I WANT!!" at each other. It was very funny.

Next up was, god help me, the Mean Streak. It only had about a 10 minute wait. Now this ride was terrible. Not that it was rough, it just plain sucked. The first drop was trimmed so bad. It looks like it used to be a good ride. But how many Summers & Dinn rides are good? 1?

It was about 6, and we saw MF had a 90 mniute wait. And we also had the freeways for Mantis which are from 7 to 8.

So we had dinner at Coasters Drive-in. Now that was excellent food if I've ever had it. I had a cheeseburger with ketchup and onions, awesome fries, and a chocolate milkshake.

By now, it was near 7, so we headed over to the mantis which had about a 35 minute wait without freeway. I like how freeway is used just going into the regualr line so you don't screw over people by just haveing there be no wait and you go into the station like Fastlane at SFWOA. Overall, it ended up being a 15 minute wait. When I got on the ride and the puled my restraint to lock it..OWWW. I said to Amanda "There goes our parenthood". Overall, I really enjoyed my first ever stand-up coaster.

We then headed back to MF which was now down to a 60 mniute wait. We waited it out and once we got into the station, waited for the seond row. When we got on, the sun was near setting and I was pumped, Amanda looked like she was goin to have a heart attack. She was so terrified and I let her hold my hand to feel comfortable. She freakin squeazed it. The view of the sun setting on lake erie was the most beautiful thing a have ever seen. But i didn't enjoy it for long because we were going 92 mph down the 300 foot drop. Oh my god that was greatest feeling ever. The overbanked turns were so cool. The the airtime on the camelbacks is great! MY GOD WHAT A RIDE!!!

We were pooped, so we headed back for once more ride to finish the night. A Front row ride on the magnum in the pitchblack night. Only a 5 minute wait overall. We were both quite scared this last time, but I said "Hey, we've been on this 4 times already today. We know we can do this!" And then, the train left the staion and we headed up into the black night. it didn't feel like it was 72 mph, it felt faster than the Force. Holy cow man!! OH WHAT A RIDE!

To end my day, I went back by the Mean Streak and got 3 chesse on a sticks. Wow are those good.

We got 2 milkshakes from coasters drive-in for the road, and we were gone.

We left around 10, and we didn't arrived back at my house till 3. I can't wait to go back to Cedar Point again next year!!!

Favorite rides

1. Magnum

2. Raptor

3. Millennium Force

4. Mantis

The rest weren't too special and not quite too entertaining

Rides closed all day

-Wicked Twister

-Skyway(cable cars)

Great to here that you had a great time. Magnum is great in the back to. Sorry that you did not get on TTD. Maybe next time. Another ride worth trying next time you go is Chaos, if you like spinny rides. I love it.

Where do you live? I live in Baden, NW of Pittsburgh.

Lets go Drag racing.

3 cheese on a stick??!!!?? Holy Cow! I didn't think anyone could get through one of those! ;)

Good trip report--was Wicked Twister down? It was when I was there the day before...

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