Cedar Point 6/13

I orginally had set my alarm for 6:45am to head out to Cedar Point for Sunday. After a rough, but fun night for my best friends 27th birthday I finally ended up leaving around 2:00pm. I couldn't find anyone to go with me, but just had a feeling that it was a good day to head up so I made this trip alone. Got to the park around 4:30 and parked in the soak city lot for the first time (thanks everyone! Only reason I even knew about it was because of this forum) While driving past Millennium Force I glanced over to check out the line, and saw just a station wait! I can really only recall one other day in the past 5 years that I had seen Cedar Point so dead, and I was definatly going to take advantage. I was kicking myself that I hadn't gotten there earlier, but had 5 hours to get in as many rides as I could. Headed to Dragster first, got on within 5 minutes or so. Scared the crap out of me like it usually does.

Started heading over to Millilium Force next and got 5 rides in, mostly in the back. It was taking me about 15 minutes per ride to get on and off. Meet a cool chick while riding who was just as obsessed with coasters as I was so I didn't have to ride alone. I got more rides on this monster in 2 hours than I had in the past 3 years, and loved every second of it. I got Millennium Force coming in at number 3 on my coaster list after actually being able to get in more than one concecutive ride. While waiting in line just before the station where they unload the train I saw the most disturbing thing. There was a young girl in the second to last row that was completly blacked out and hunched over. I know people say they can gray out on the bottom of the first hill which I have experienced, but never seen someone blacked out at the end of that ride. Her friend was shaking her trying to get awake, after a minute or two she finally snapped out of it. I heard the Cedar Point guard talking to her, and they said that it was probably related to her being dehydrated.

Went to Mantis next for a quick couple rides, if it wasn't right next to Milley I probably wouldn't have bothered but hey, why not. Rode it in the back first which was terrible, way too much force on the legs to be able to enjoy that ride. Got a ride in the front next which I really enjoyed. The trims wern't on which was nice too, trims on the first hill are such a joke.

Got some more rides on Milley and Dragster, got to experience them both for the first time at night which was just awesome. Dragster broke down with 20 minutes left until closing, they got it running again right before close, and to my suprise they didn't shut the line down right at 10:00 pm. It wasn't closed until 10:15 or so, not sure if it was due to the fact that it broke down right before close, but it sure was sweet. The bugs were nuts at night at the dragster platform, they literally covered the whole station ground and lights.

Had a great night there, got pleanty of rides on the coasters that I'm usually lucky to get more than one ride in a day. I needed a good day there, the last few trips I've had there have defiantly left a bad taste in my mouth, but this one definatly delievered.

Millilium Force - 9

Dragster - 6

Mantis - 2

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Those are the only rides you went on while you were there? No Maverick or Raptor? If I was there on a dead day, I would have been on every coaster in the park.

I am glad to say that I was able to ride almost every coaster in the park on my last visit. The only rides that had long lines were Maverick, M-Force, and Mantis. The rest of the coasters had less than a 30 minute wait, or, were pretty much walkon's.

Blue Streak, Mean Streak, Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, and even Wicked Twister were no-wait rides. But, Wicked Twister was closed most of the day, most people didn't even know it was open. I think the line got up to 30 minutes after they figured it out. I was able to ride twice with no wait.

I didn't ride the Mine ride, I did get in line, but it was moving at a snails pace, so, I skipped it. I also skipped Disaster transport, as I heard there was a 45 minute line. That ride just isn't worth waiting for.

I've ridden all the others before many times, I didn't want to waste time on them really. There usually is never a long wait either on the ones you mentioned besides Maverick which usually has the longest line out of any of the coasters there. I got 15 rides between Millilium and Dragster which is easily more than I got all last year. We probably won't see lines below 30 minutes on either of them until September comes along.

I hope it's like that THIS Sunday. I'm heading there Saturday from Kings Island. CP's my second stop.

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