Cedar Point 6/1/02

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First of all, let me say: the weather was absolutley perfect for coastering! Also, the crowds were quite reasonable, considering the weather and the fact that it was a Saturday.

Got to the park around 9:45 and noticed a ton of people, mostly walking towards MF, so we headed up towards Magnum instead. Rode the launch side of Power Tower and waited about 7 minutes for it. I forgot just how amazing that launch is.

After that, we hit Magnum, Gemini, Woodstock Express, Mean Streak, White Water Landing, and Mine Ride all before 11:00. Every single line was a walk on. It was awesome!

After that, we headed on over and got our hands stamped for the Freeway on MF, in the 4-5 time slot. Seeing that the line for MF was only about an hour long, we got in line at that time as well. We waited in line for just over an hour, and got in the line for the back seat. We were 2 trains away from going when the red train got stuck on the lift. After waiting for about 40 minutes (just getting the Red train going took about 15), we decided that we'd just wait until the Freeway time to do MF, since we could be doing other stuff instead. I think it was a good choice, since it took another half hour before MF started running again.

We ate lunch and headed down to the beginning of the park and rode Cedar Downs, followed by Raptor, which was more intense than ever, and looks fantastic with the new paint job. Rode Blue Streak and had the best ride I've had on that coaster in years.

Wicked Twister had been down all morning, and so we ventured over there to see why they hadn't run a train for several hours. Just as we approached the line, they sent the first train up with people on it. We walked on and got on (second to last seat) in 10 minutes. WT is frickin' AWESOME. I was majorly impressed. I found it much, much more intense than S:UE, and coming down the rear spike was incredible...amazing forces and footchoppers. The positive Gs when first going up the U on the rear spike are impressive as well. It was much better than I anticipated.

Following WT, we headed over and did Disaster Transport, and got out just in time to head over to MF for our Freeway time, and we got on in about 10 minutes. We sat in the next to last seat and had one heck of an amazing ride on MF. It was my 3rd ride on MF, and my first in 2 years, and it was just as incredible as the first time. I just can't believe the adrenaline rush that you get that entire ride, not to mention the 6-7 seconds of floater air. I did not touch my seat on the entire first drop, half the rise and the entire drop on the 3rd hill, and the same for the return hill from the island. Amazing air, speed, and wind!

After a much needed trip on Snake River Falls, we did the Wave Swinger, followed by second rides on Gemini and Magnum. After that, we hit Witches Wheel and then headed over to Iron Dragon, and then ate dinner. After that, we rode Wildcat, and Corkscrew, just in time for a night ride on Mantis, which was excellent.

We got in line for MF at about 9:45, and I was pumped, since I'd never ridden MF at night. It was too bad, though, since it broke down just 10 minutes into our wait. Since we'd gotten one ride in already, and the previous breakdown lasted over an hour, we just quickly decided that a night ride wasn't that important and left the line. (I don't know when or if they fixed it.)

We headed over for a ride on the Giant Wheel, then had a wild ride on Blue Streak (which seemed to be running even faster than it did during the day), and then headed to Raptor for the final ride of the night, and waited exactly 5 minutes. Fantastic trip, and we hit all 14 coasters that we were eligible to ride, which is the first time I've ridden all the coasters in one day since probably '95.


Oh, also, I wanted to commend the ride-ops doing the spiel on Iron Dragon (around 6:45), Raptor (around 2:00), and Gemini (around 5:30) (all 3 were female) for the original comments that were actually FUNNY!!! It's a nice refreshing change of pace from the boring old junk.

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Too bad you missed MF at night. I have only ridden at night, but it was freakin awsome! Not sure about during the day, but at night, you see nothing during the first drop, and you are 100% sure that you will die, then the train pulls out! It is so great! Then after that, you still can't see anything, adding suprise to the ride, especially to a first time rider like me!

That day the Raptor guy was riping on SFWOA, it was pretty funny.

“If you give a enthusiast a footer.......He’ll want a coaster!!!"

Was also there on Saturday, and it really was a great day. Lines were very reasonable, even more so on Sunday, when it seemed like a weekday. I was wondering if anybody heard what happened to the employee who's leg got caught on White Water Landing Saturday afternoon? Paramedics and workers finally set him free, but it was obviously very painful. I've been searching and haven't seen any mention of it.

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