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Monday, June 11, 2007 4:20 PM
Me and my friends arrived to the park at 10:30am and we payed the $10 parking fee which is a bit high in my opinion. We were directed to a parking spot and on the way to the entrace. We got season passes and the process was very fast and the staff was very friendly.

Inside the park-

Our first ride of the day was Millenium Force and the wait was basically non existent. We walked up the ramp and walked right into the station.It was running all three trains. This is still a gret coaster and you can't beat the first drop and the speed around the first overbanked turn.

After that was SkyHawke and like MF there was no wait. I absolutely love this ride. It's a bit short, but for what you do get, its great and packs a great punch. After SH we headed to Maverick, knowing that this is where everyone would be, and we were correct, but the line was moving super fast and trains were just departing out of the station one after another. The wait said 2hrs, but we only waited 45mins. Watching the trains go around the course of the track while waiting(You can only see the horseshoe, 2nd hill and the part where they travel to the tunnel) I didnt know what to expect. But after riding there is only one word to define Maverick and that is FUN! i relate riding maverick to riding X at SFMM, because on both these two coasters you are just tossed all over the place and you have no clue where you're going. Maverick travels up the hill so fast that you barely have time to think and then you go down the first drop and it seems alot longer of a drop than it looks and at an angle over 90 degrees, it is intense. The turns toss you from side to side and the 2nd hill has more airtime than any coaster in the park. The Horseshoe inversion is Ok, but the launch that follows is so unexpected. (We rode maverick twice and the first time we came to the launch, we actually stopped before we lanched, but the second time, we came to a slight pause and then we were off!) Out off the launch and into the turn is a bit rough transition. The 2nd half of Maverick is the best to me. the S-curve and bancked curves are so intense and the 2nd airtime hill is amazing. This whole coaster happens so fast and your just all over the place. Its the perfect addition to CP and my favorite coaster at the park. Its just fun!

For the rest of the day were rode Everything with no waits.

Gemini: (Walk-on), but still a bit rough.

Magnum:(10 min wait). The ejector air is still amazing on this beast.

Top Thrill: Only a 20 minute wait and this didnt break down once the time I was at the park. I was very impressed, becuase everytime I go it breaks down when I'm in line. Still a great coaster for speed.

Wicked Twister: (Walk-on and still a great ride, but I miss my SM/Steel Venom at geauga/SFWoA)

MaxAir: (10min wait) and I love how many cycles this ride goes on. It feels like you're on it forever.

Lunch: Johnny Rockets and not a bad deal. It cost me $9 for Fries, Onion rings and Chicken Strips.(Free water). It was a lot of food and I couldnt finish it all and the atmosphere of this place is great for a family and friends.

Raptor: ( about a 15min wait) I love that they have the videos now for this ride. I think that you should sit in the front if you ever want to purchase your on-ride video as the front gives the best visual.

Mantis: They still have stacking problems with this coaster, but its still a great ride to wait for. Not as rough as I remember it, but the ending is killer and I love it.

Iron Dragon: Good. lol

We then rode TTD, MF, SH AND Maverick again and then left. And I of course had to get an elephant ear before my trip back home. My friend that went with us had never been to CP and he absolutley loved it. He is from the South(Florida) and he has been to alot of the parks down there and he thinks CP has the best coaster selection and rides around for a "thrill" park. So I was glad that he was impressed and enjoyed himself as did the rest of my friends and I. I am definately making more trips up the CP this summer very soon. You can't beat a day at CP with light crowds. Its perfect.

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Monday, June 11, 2007 11:35 PM
Sounds very fun

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