Cedar Point 6-11 and 6-12

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6-11 (11 am- 8pm)

6-12 (10am-noon, had to drive 5 hours to get home for baseball)

Ill start with the rides, WT was closed both days and i didnt see anyone working on it which kind of made me mad, but thats ok.

MF- waited 1hour 10 minutes for the front seat(no fast pass) , 30 minutes (no fastpass) and 25 minutes( with the fast pass). I thought the ride was running as good as ever. Front seat is an amazing veiw and back seat gives you air time. Favorite ride 10-10

Magnum- 15 minute wait, 15 minute wait, 5 minute wait and 10 minute wait. Road 1-3 seat 2 times, back seat 1 and front seat 1. 1-3 is the best seat ever!!! it gave so much air, Air on every hill, gives the ride a 10-10

Raptor- 20 minute wait all 3 times. Front seat, middle, and back is where i rode. Love the 180 roll. 10/10

Power tower- shot up once, 7/10 10 minute wait

Demon Drop- For some reason i love this ride. 9/10, 5 minute wait

Mean Streak- better than last year, no air time and seemed slow but not rough at all, boring, 5/10 ,15 minute wait

DT- didnt buy the glasses and i was happy i didnt, fun ride 20 minute wait, 7/10

I rode the ferris wheel for the first time ever.

Mantis- Need to get rid of the brake in the hill, 6/10 not worth a hour wait.

Ate at Maccaroni's good food.

Choas got stuck while I was there,closed the rest of the day and on Wednesday for the 2 hours i was there.

A lot of employees say the new ride is going to be awesome, thats all they could say though. They were the nicest people too. Overal a great 2 days and i will be back in a month!

Thanks for the TR! Yeah CP will get somthing next year, when WT opens agian ( stutctual problems) ride it a lot...

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