Cedar Point 5K Challenge

This came across my facebook stream the other day:

Race is on Father's Day. I did one of these last month at Disney's Hollywood Studios for ESPN The Weekend, and it was a good time, much lower key than "regular" races. CP should offer a pretty interesting (and mostly flat!) course.

Registration is only $25, and some of the cash goes to area track/cross country teams.

Also, if you are Hard Core, you can also do a Full or Half Triathalon in September. I am not Hard Core---a 5K is my current limit.

I'm really considering doing this. Haven't really had the motivation to run 3.1 miles, but after losing 70 lbs in the last year doing P90X and then the Insanity workouts, I think I may finally be up for something like this. Let's see how in shape I've actually gotten. Now if only I can get the day off of work...

Michael McCormack

I saw the title and thought they were raising the price of parking again.

Congrats Michael!! I did the same P90X-Insanity progression and dropped from 235 to 165 over the past two years. Feel like a million bucks. Best life-habit decision I've ever made. Strongly recommend these to anybody considering.

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^I lift P90x up in testimony whenever I talk about health and fitness. Its the only workout Ive done to date that rips me up.

If I lived closer I'd do the CP 5k.

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Yeah, I don't understand the cult-like fascination of it (ditto for CrossFit). Far too many of the people I know in either camp don't talk about anything else, and anyone who talks about just one thing is boring.

Jeff - Editor - CoasterBuzz.com - My Blog

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I've incorporated some P90X workouts into my regular routine, and they're pretty sick, but I couldn't see making that my life.

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You should take a visit to their forums. If you think coaster enthusiasts are nuts :/

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