Cedar Point 5/9/04

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Coasterzak and I went up to The Point yesterday and all I can say is WOW. We arrived in Sandusky around 9:00 and were greeted by sun, temperatures in the mid 70s and sparse crowds. We were allowed in the park at 9:15 with Joe Cool and then went straight to TTD to start the day. Here is what we rode:

TTD: 3 rides, this ride is amazing! Having been on it 5 times now, it still scares me to death. Broke down with our train on the launching platform and one train in front of us. That train launched out of nowhere and almost rolled back after the ride was fixed, we nearly got a rollback - the train went over the top real slow and the view was amazing!

MF: 2 rides, what can you say about MF that is not bad? My only complaint is that the ride ops were stacking 2 trains consistently. On a side note, the red train was on the transfer track and the covers were off the restraints where they attach to the train - anyone think this is in relation to S:ROS and its accident?

Magnum: 7 rides, 5 of which were in the ejector seat and the other two were in the front and back seats. We received two trim free rides and the train flew through the airtime hills - what a ride this is without trims.

Raptor: 6 rides, it was nearly a walk on the entire day. We rode 5 times in the front seat and 1 in the back, this ride is running amazingly well - a train was being sent out every 40 sec or so.

Mantis: 1 ride, this ride loses favor with me every time i ride it. The drop, loop, and dive loop are great, the rest of the ride is subpar, IMO.

Mean Streak: 6 rides, WOW! The MS was running amazing, though I really think that riding in the front seat, green train is the way to go - it is incredibly smooth and is a great ride. We rode once in the front seat, red train and received a much worse ride. On our last ride, the trims on the hill were open, and I could not believe my eyes. This ride has some serious potential without those trims, being in the front seat green train is great without the trims. Smooth, fast and awesome were the only ways to describe the trim free ride. MS impressed me to no end, and Zak was impressed as well.

Gemini: 2 rides, I love this ride. On our final ride, the trims before the helix were open and the train just ripped through the helix, it improved an already great ride.

Blue Streak: 4 rides, the same old classic woodie with amazing airtime and loads of fun.

CCMR: 1 ride, gotta love the helix at the end.

Iron Dragon: 1 ride, I don't like the paint at all and some parts of the ride like the catwalk and trains aren't even repainted.

Corkscrew: 1 ride, front seat, a good ride, i love the pop of airtime you get at the bottom of the hill.

Disaster Transport: 1 ride, this ride really is fun if you try to enjoy it - i like it a lot.

WildCat: 1 ride, all i can say is that Schwartzkopf was a genius, the speed that WildCat picks up in the helix is unbelievable.

Wicked Twister: Closed all day - I have been to GL and CP this year and have not gotten a ride yet on either Impulse.

What a great day at the Point for Zak and I, we also hit Power Tower and Demon Drop once each. With minimal crowds and great weather, this was a great trip - Zak and I talked about it all day in English class today! The ops were friendly, the park was clean and I have only one complaint - why only one train op on Mantis, which i neglected to mention above? Oh well, I love CP!

Nice report. I'd say we all agree that Meanstreak was torn down and rebuilt over the offseason ;).
Honestly, Mean Streak has come a long way in the offseason. The ride truely is great without the trims on the first drop. This was my first trimless ride on it and I was AMAZED. Never have felt speed like that before on it. Now if Only the Mid courses weren't so harsh.

"Ignore the screaming in the woods...Everything is fine! This is your last chance to escape the wrath of.... THE BEAST."

Yes, I must say, a trimless Gemini is nuts...lol, but the ever elusive Magnum Trim-less ride, sadly, I have not had yet :(.
I have never had a trimless gemini, but i have had a trimless magnum ride, 3 to be exact, and those 3 rides have been 3 of the best i have ever had on Magnum.

Are the Raptor Mid courses off like they were for much of last year?

Real Cbuzz quote of the day - "The classes i take in collage are so mor adcanced then u could imagen. Dont talk about my emglihs" - Adamforce
I hope all the coasters remain trimless when I visit in june and WT is running too.
The Raptor MCBR was on but it was minimal and hardly slowed the train down at all.
Peabody, from what I've seen on the platform, and from what I've ridden, the trims have been open on Raptor 99% of the time. I've heard a pinch come out every now and then with a heavy train, but more or less, the Block brake is off.

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