Cedar Point 5/6-5/8

After an incredibly long wait in traffic to get to the park, we ended up getting to our "cabin" (mobile home with fake wood) at lighthouse point.
We dropped off our stuff, then hightailed it to GateKeeper, which had a 25 minute wait. We got back left. The rattle feels like it got a lot worse, but it also felt more forceful. We then waited about 10 minutes for back row on Wicked Twister. It was just as good as it has always been, with the amazing back spike. This was followed by a ride on Tiki Twirl.
Now it was time for Valravn. The line was to blue streak, which turned out to be an hour and a half. The purple lights in the queue was irritating for your eyes. I got back, two seats from the middle on the left side. The view at the top is absolutely amazing. The trim breaks before the holding break were very choppy and did not break well. The holding break only lasted 2 seconds, not the 4 that was advertised. The first drop was absolutely amazing, with a ton of airtime before a decent Immelmann that had a little bit of a rattle. The MCBR was pretty abrupt and choppy. The second hill has a really bad rattle, and the dive loop was forceless. Then the part of the ride that totally negates any negative things of the entire ride. The 270 degree roll has a ton of airtime, was smooth, and the pull out was nice and forceful. Then came a great pop of airtime that was on par with a B&M hyper. The breaks were pretty choppy, though. I would hope the choppy breaks will be fixed. All in all I would say that Valravn is my number 4 ride at the park, behind Maverick, Mille, Gatekeeper and Raptor. By then it was midnight, so that was a day.

Saturday came around, and put simply, it was a disaster. We were woken up by construction equipment at 4 AM, but got front of the line passes out of it. I had some friends from Charlotte visiting that day, and they never got to ride Dragster or Maverick because of breakdowns.
We got in the park at early entry, and headed to Maverick. Mechanical problems. We then tried millennium. Mechanical problems. Then Valravn. Mechanical problems. Then Raptor. More mechanical problems. Then GateKeeper. Yet again, mechanical problems. There were quite literally NO RIDES OPEN! We ended up going back to Maverick, at about 9:50, when it was the first ride to start running. The line was an hour long, but we waited for it. At least for 20 minutes until it went down for mechanical issues. At this point, we just waited for Skyhawk to open. Somewhat surprisingly, it didn't go down for mechanical issues. we then went to Lake Erie Eagles, which is a surprisingly fun ride. Then, we got our first coaster ride in, which was Woodstock Express... Gemini finally opened, so we hit that up. Good airtime and such. Then we did the other coaster that was open in the area, Mine Ride. The ride needs a refurb, it's awful. There were no lines to any of these rides so far. Then, Millennium was open, so we went there and waited 45 minutes for a ride. The rattle from last year has died down. Then we ate lunch at our cabin.
When we got into the park again, we headed to magnum. There was a 15 minute wait, but after 10 it broke down, then we waited another 10 before bailing. Dragster was running again, so we headed there. We waited 20 minutes. It broke down. (No one saw that coming, or anything...) We waited 10 minutes more before we left. The people I was with said they had enough, and left the park for a few more hours. I stayed in. I got a ride on corkscrew with no wait, then raptor in the front with a 10 minute wait. Raptor this year is glossy smooth, not even a rattle. The cobra roll wasmt even that snappy. Hey, 2 coasters in a row that didn't break down. Shocking, I know. Then a 5 minute wait for Wicked Twister that turned into 10 minutes because I gotstuck behind 4 single riders, so I just went with the last one. That's 3 now! Then I got on a no wait raptor back row, still glossy smooth. Got to 4! Then I went to a Valravn that just reopened from wind problems, so the wait was 15 minutes... Then it broke down because the holding break wouldn't work... And so ends my streak. I headed back to the cabin for dinner. Then, I got the people I was with back in the park, and we were going to use the front of the line passes for dragster. Then it broke down. So, we used them on Valravn. We got front row. Then, finished off the day waiting 25 minutes for back row Valravn.

Day 3 was the exact opposite of day 2. The only ride that was down (that passed the state inspection [everything except maXair and Mean Streak]) was Dragster. The people from North Carolina had to leave. At early entry, we got 3 no wait rides on Maverick, then got a 10 minute wait for Millennium before early entry ended. We decided to do Rougarou next, which was one of my better rides on it. Then, some stranger gave us free one time fastlane passes, so we used them on Valravn. We got back row. After Valravn, I met up with some of my fellow coaster nerd friends. We proceeded to do Millennium with a 10 minute wait. We ate at Panda Express after. Two of them had a vending machine fast lane Valravn pass, so we used that, and got back again. One of my friends had funpix, so we used that, but it didn't show up on his account. We then did corkscrew, which I've actually grown to love in 2-1. We then did Magnum after a 10 minute wait. Magnum was really rough, and the picture didn't take, so we didn't get a funpix. We did Pipe Scream next because two of them didn't get the credit yet. No line for that. After that, we did Gemini, at a 10 or so minute wait. We went to mean streak to check out the markings and found out something more. Every footer was marked. It could mean nothing, but you don't mark footers with Orange paint for nothing. We took the train to the other station. We did Rougarou with no wait. Then, we all got a ton of free soda with the app, so yay! We got the FlavaRavn mix, which is 70% cherry vanilla pipp and 30% orange fanta. I wouldn't drink it if I had to pay for it, but it was pretty decent. We did raptor twice with no wait. Both times it was smooth and amazing. When Raptor is running that well, it is one amazing ride. We did a run of Blue Streak, the small and deceiving wooden coaster. After Blue Streak, we did GateKeeper in the back. Then got more free soda before maXair. (It got cleared by the state at about 2 PM)

Al in all, it was a great weekend at Cedar Point, and Valravn was better than expected.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

Gimme a brake, man.

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