Cedar Point 5/27 Bad Weather Good For Lines.

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Saturday, May 27, 2000 8:52 PM
I went to Cedar Point yesterday. The weather prediction was bad rain all day, this SATURDAY memorial day weekend. Well, when I got there at 9:45 rain was falling and falling hard but the rides were up and running. We headed straight to MF. Rained the whole time we spent in the 1hr45min line. To my surprise however, most coasters were up and running including the Millenium Force. This was my first ride on it. Yes, it definetly lives up to it's name as a gigacoaster. The drop was unbelievable. R.I.P Magnum XL 200. Well, that was to be our longest wait of the day. Also, it stopped raining right when we got off and by 6 pm the sun was peaking through the clouds. Longest wait for any coaster from that point out was 1 hour(most 15min if that). That included a 2nd trip on the millenium Force around 6pm. It shut down at that point so we weren't able to make a third. So, if bad weather is predicted, go. It is worth the risk. Just dress appropriatly.
Sunday, May 28, 2000 8:39 PM
I was there today (sunday) in the rainy weather, and enjoyed 35 minute lines for MF

Closing Time: 5:30
CP Arrival Time: 5:50

Whose Line is it Anyway?

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