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Monday, May 27, 2002 4:49 PM

Hello everyone..............We started by checking into our hotel which was the Sandcastle Suites and drove to the parking lot(it was 2:30pm by this time). All I have to say is that I've never seen any park this crowded in my life!!! It was PACKED times 10! While this got me kind of down, I knew it wouldn't be as bad the next day(which I was correct). I started off wanting to know what everyone was talking about with Blue Streak. Also because this was the shortest line of the day (25mins) I decided to get one ride in.

Wow, Blue Streak has majorly changed! This now has great airtime, laterals, and is very smooth! Thanks Cedar Point for changing this classic. Next up I was wanting to ride Raptor.......I walk up to the sign at the beginning of the queue that says Raptor has a 1hr 30min wait............please remember that I knew tomorrow wasn't going to be as bad so I decided not to wait in any long lines. So instead of riding Raptor, I walked along the very clean midway to Power Tower.

I decided to ride the up side because the down side had a much longer wait. After waiting in a 30min line I was on. This, in my opinion, isn't as great as the down side but I still had a blast(no pun intended). They now made us open up our hands when the ride attendents came to check our harnesses because I think too many people dropped change from the top and the change landed on the people below........I don't think they made you do this before. Anyways, after Power Tower up, I decided to ride Corkscrew.

Corkscrew is now a better ride.......I think anyways. It wasn't as rough as it was last year. I sat in the very front with a 5min wait(wanted to get out of waiting in the long lines also) and got extreme airtime on the bunny hop after the first hill.......I love that part. After Corkscrew I wanted to ride another short-lined coaster so I hopped on Iron Dragon.

After waiting 10mins I got on towards the back. My favorite part on this coaster is the first drop.......I don't know why, it always gets my stomach! But after the first drop, the ride is pretty much dull except for maybe one moment after the 2nd chainlift. Well after Iron Dragon my dad suggested to walk towards the back of the park to Frontiertown. While we walked over the train tracks by Millennium Force's queue, I checked out the line. Ouch, 2hrs 45mins........nevermind. Well while we were in Frontiertown my dad and I went on Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

Wow, our first walkon, lol. I think Mine Ride is pretty dull but I like it for what it is. I think the themeing is pretty cool(like how it goes across the lake and the coal mineing entrance that is blocked off by the entrance to the queue). I'd have to say my favorite part on this coaster is the helix at the end, it is kind of intense. After Mine Ride we went over to Gemini.

What can I say..............a very high capacity coaster that is running great! I love everything about this ride. The steep drop, the airtime, the great headchopper in the middle of the ride, the upwards helix at the very end....and........it was all trimless! Man, I got *thrown* on that helix, it was great! Even though Gemini was not racing (I asked the ride attendent why they weren't racing and he said that the ops weren't ready to race them) and it was a little bumpy, this is one of my favorite coasters in the park. By the way, Gemini was a walkon. After two rides on Gemini (one in front and one in back) we past Maggie's line and it was 1hr 15mins........I love Maggie, but I wouldn't wait that long for it, sorry. I then got an overpriced hot dog meal, but it was quite good................I love those fries! We then walked back to Frontiertown to look in a store. I walked to Mean Streak after looking around a bit and saw it was a 1hr 15min wait! Yep, no lie.........I have never (except for opening day for MS) seen the line that big! We then walked back to our room to check on my mom(who was not feeling well) and man that is a lloonnggg walk! After experiencing that walk, we took a shuttle back to the park because we were just lazy. By this time, it was getting late so my dad went off and rode Raptor while I wanted to get my first night ride on Millennium Force.

Now here was my situation............the line for the Force was 1hr 45mins which wasn't too bad but I knew that I could get in the park tomorrow with my Joe Cool membership 1/2 an hour early and get on in 10-20mins. But I really really wanted that night ride because I've never ridden it at night before. By the way, I didn't feel like waiting in a 1hr 45min line anyway. But the coaster fanatic side took over so I hopped in line. This wait seemed a heck of a lot longer than 1hr 45mins. I rode towards the front and while we were cresting the hill, my favorite lighting effect went off on MF's hill. It is the one that is black and white that flashs really fast that makes it look like a strobe light. We went down the drop with the whole structure flashing black and white, it was the neatest thing. I had an awesome ride and it was worth the wait. We went back to the hotel and I got a good night's sleep. The next day we were planning to leave about 2:30pm so we had to get moving. My family (mom, me, dad, sister who drove up that morning and her boyfriend) got to the park 1/2 hour early and ran straight to Millennium Force. I laughed when we waited all but 5mins because I waited 1hr 30mins before......Got two awesome laps in, the second time we went on it the line was longer. After the Force, my sister, her boyfriend, and I waited for the front seat on Mantis.

I told myself I'd never ride this again, my body said no but my coaster mind said yes. Mantis was a walkon(the park was not crowded at all) and we opted the extra 10mins for the very front seat. I actually had a smooth ride! I was amazed at how this didn't hurt my legs or my head. I have a different feeling for Mantis now........or maybe it was just the front seat? After the surprising Mantis ride, we walked toward Frontiertown to ride Mean Streak. I hoped the line wasn't as bad as it was the day before but I knew it wouldn't be. I guessed correctly, Mean Streak was a complete walk on. There were about eight people in the station. I rode very front and had a nice ride. Am I the only one who likes Mean Streak? I know it doesn't have air but I loved being tossed around and it wasn't bad (as in roughness) at all! After Mean Streak we all took a nice two walk on laps on Gemini. This time the trims were on but they were racing (maybe a different ride operator than yesterday)? After Gemini we took a ride on Magnum.

Magnum was a 20min wait and we rode towards the back. This coaster is getting very bumpy as I've noticed. I still like the ride, but it was kind of rough. I know I said I liked getting tossed around, but this was just kind of painful. I slammed my back against the seat a few times very hard so it wasn't that great of a ride I had that time. After Maggie, we all rode Power Tower up again. Was about a 10min wait and still had a great ride. After Power Tower (yes I know this is long)we all went on Iron Dragon because my mom wanted to ride it, Iron Dragon was a walkon. After Iron Dragon my dad and I decided to ride Wildcat.

I don't know why, but I really love this coaster. It packs quite a punch in it's compact layout I must say. The only thing I must say is that sudden stop at the end, ouch! Wildcat had a quick 10min wait. Well we then ate some food and headed towards the front of the park. Checked Wicked Twister's line and it was posted as an hour so we all went in line.

My sister, her boyfriend, and my mom have not ridden Wicked Twister before. They were in for a treat. The one hour wait turned out to be a 45min wait that moved fairly quickly, cheers to the CP crew for dispatching the trains in great times! Sat towards the back and got a *very* intense ride. Everyone loved it and wanted to do it again but the lines grew longer and we had to leave. My dad got a caramel apple, my mom and everyone else sat down and I.............rode Demon Drop. The last ride of the day was a 5min wait and I had a great drop, it seems more intense than last year for some odd reason.

So that was it, my great trip to America's Roller Coast. For your information, none of the rides broke down, I did see a few coasters stuck on the lifts but that was it. Thanks so much Cedar Point for keeping this park as great as it always is!!!! One more thing, I didn't get a chance to ride Disastor Transport and Raptor because I didn't have time. I also saw a lady with a red ACE shirt on when I exited Wicked Twister................sorry I didn't say hi whoever you are! Thanks for reading (whoever IS still reading, lol).

Good Times!! Good Times!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2002 5:21 AM
Wow! Sounds like you had one heck of a time. I will be going there in early September, Congrats man!


Tuesday, May 28, 2002 8:47 AM
I was there Sat. Sun. and Monday. Sunday was the busiest day I have ever seen at CP but you should have been there Saturday. There was no one there. later that day the rain came at about 6 and lasted until 8 and when that was done the place was empty. It was great.

Top 5 coasters:
1. The Beast 2. Millenium Force 3. The Incredible Hulk 4. Superman: ROS (SFNE) 5. Alpengeist

Tuesday, May 28, 2002 9:02 AM
Glad you had a good time. My husband and I were there on Monday...crowds were a little heavy for us but we used the freeway system for MF; everything else had a moderate wait. Overall a great time for us.
Tuesday, May 28, 2002 11:40 AM
That would have been a great time to go on Saturday! Oh well, I still had a great time!

Good Times!! Good Times!!

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