Cedar Point-5/24-01, I Love Mine Trains

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Thursday, May 24, 2001 8:09 PM
Today was almost a carbon copy of Tuesday. Rain in the morning, so I went. The mail just came before I left and low and behold my Coasterbuzz shirt arrived so I took of my Millennium Force shirt and sported that :).

Arrival 3 PM, 60 degrees and cloudy.

Again I started out with a Raptor 8-1 walk on, even the same train (1). Again someone puked like on Tuesday and I sat on the run for about 5 minutes. Talk about weird.

To get out of Tuesday, I forgoed Blue Streak and headed to the Force. 2 laps, 7-2 and 6-1 both blue trains. Thanks to Kim giving me about a foot it seemed with the bar, 6-1 was one of those trips were I did not touch the seat for 300 feet :).

In similar style as Tuesday I continued around the lagoon's to hit the Mine Trains (Mine Trains Rule!) Hit mine Ride cause its a Mine Train and it's in the way (Hi Natalie), then Gemini and moved on to Magnum for 3 laps. Gemini again then Mine Ride again. Guess where I was headed back too?

I must have sacrificed my Kentucky Fried Chicken for Jobo because I would continue getting good luck on Millennium Force. 5 more laps, 8-2, 1-1,8-2 5-2,5-1, NONE ON THE CURSED RED TRAIN :). I am running at a 1/10 clip for the front which is not bad. I can live with the 15-20 minute line too.

Millennium Force-30
(100 on each, that's my weak Goal for the year, hey add Gemini to that too ;) ) *** This post was edited by Joe E. on 5/25/2001. ***

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