Cedar Point 5/19/04

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This, the 3rd trip to CP, was as good as the 1st 2 this year. While a little bit more busy than the 1st 2, it was walk on for most of the rides. The weekdays in May this year have been ghost towns. The only 2 rides we waited 4 were the big 2, MF and TTD. MF had about 20 minute wait w/ all 3 cars rolling. Still slow loading due to the new restrictions. What can 1 say about this ride but, outstanding! TTD was up most of the day, but they were keeping the last 2 rows of the cars empty. Was down for 1/2 hour when they decided to put the extra 600 pounds of a** in the open back seats! With this, I got to experience not only my 1st roll back, but got 2 of them. Must say, a shock to the system when u realize u are not making it over! So, 3 launches for 1 ride!!! They finally started to leave the back seats empty again, and it seemed to run fine the rest of the day. Waited just about an average of 25 minutes for the 4 rides. Wt was down most of the day, but was able to get 1 ride. Maggie was agreat ride as usual w/ the trim being applied 1/2 way through the day. Speaking of trims, MS 1st hill trim was off the 3 times we rode. I found this to be amazing since it seems like forever since I received a trimless 1st hill ride on this! Much better ride with no trim, although slowed way to much 4 last 1/2 of ride. I agree w/ people who have posted on this ride that it is much smoother than last year. Also, Mantis 4 the 3 trips there has been trimless 1st hill! Overall, all rides were good, but were great this time due to walking on. Rode most main attraction rides at least 3 times or more.
Must warn people about the new Game Day Sports Bar. Nothing bad, but had lunch there and tried their wings. 3 sauces, mild, hot, and hot hot. Got the hot, big mistake!! These things were hotter than the wild sauce (1 step below Blazing) at BW3'S!! These things litteraly brought a sweat out of my friend and I. Couldn't imagine the Hot Hot. Not only hotter than BW's but also meatier.
All in all another great day from Cedar Point. Couldn't ask 4 anything more. Friendly employees and a great park!
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Those 'hot hot' wings are nothing close to the hot stuff at BW3. When we ordered, the server even told us that the hot wasn't very hot - he recommended the hotter ones. When we got the 'hot hot,' I didn't think they were hot either ... and I have no tolerance for heat. Good wings, though.

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