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Friday, May 16, 2003 1:50 PM
Got to the park around 9:50.

Went right on Raptor, waited 5 minutes for front. The rest of the ride was a walk on. Great ride, much better than last year.

Then went over to Power Tower, walked on, and rode. After that, we went to TTD, the wait was 3 hours so we decided to come back later.

Walked on Magnum, bad ride. I got stapled, and the bar killed my thighs, magnum should be retrofitted with either new lap bars or trains, that'd greatly improve the riding experience.

After that we walked past a closed Gemini, so we went to Millennium Force. Waited about 30 minutes, rode in 2-2, great ride.

After that we had to go on TTD, so we walked over, and see the line about 1/4 of what it was earlier and get excited.... to find it was having mechanical problems. Just as we walk away, it is announced that it is open, and we get in line after the soda machines. There were some enthusiasts behind us, probably from gttp or here. After about 4 breakdowns, the ride was running stable, but looked as if it was going to rollback. My friend and me were betting whether or not it'd clear to pass the time. So we waited an hour, and sat in row 4. The launch is tedious. We sat on the launch section for a good 50 seconds, which seemed like an eternity. Finally; we flew, the launch is fast, very fast. Climbing up is weird, yet fun. From the top of the tower it felt as if the train was goign to roll back, which i was hoping for, but crawled over. Going down; the supports are probably the single greatest arm-chopper i have ever seen. The 180* twist is violent, I was thrown into my friend pretty hard. TTD is so fast that the collar on my shirt was whipping my neck really hard, and i had a huge mark on my arm from something. I have the same feelings on TTD as on Hypersonic:XLC, it's great, but way too short. This would be an amazing coaster if there was a somewhat normal layout after the huge hill. While TTD was awesome, I think that it is a novelty, that will become old in a few years. We ended up waiting only an hour, but it still felt like an eternity, I wish the queue was more spread out, it'd make the wait go much shorter.

After that the park was gettign pretty crowded, and TTD's line was back to 3+ hours, so we went onWicked Twister; which was okay, I kept expecting the back spike to be straight, waited 20 minutes. Then I went on DisasterTransport, waited a shocking 30 minutes.

The weather was nice for the most part, no rain until we left at 3. One weird thing was the amount of planes flying right over the park. One flew about 600 ft above the park inbetween MF, and TTD. Another plane flew right by Wicked Twister and security and the employees all stopped for the entire time it flew over to watch it. I'm surprised air traffic isn't restricted over CP, it is at Disney, which has one building above 200 ft.

All in all a good day, to SFWoA tomorrow:)

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Friday, May 16, 2003 5:38 PM
Great that you got to try the TTD. Hopefully my next trip will be better. Everything was closed Monday due to the weather.

Lets go Drag racing.


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