Cedar Point 5/14

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We got up at 5 am to drive the 4 hour drive to get to the park at 9 so we could run to TTD. This was our first dissapointment of the day. The ride was closed for a commercial and later opened at 12.

When the gates opened at 10 we ran to MF. Found a 30 minute wait and we were fine with that. 2nd to back seat great ride 10/10

Then we walked across to Mantis to find a 15 minute wait. My legs started to kill after this ride. Bad pacing 6/10

We were praying for TTD to open now so we walked over that way at about 11 and jumped on Power tower in 10 minute being shot up 8/10

After power tower TTD was still not open so we went to Magnum for a 15 minute wait. Sat 1-3 with great air time. PLEASE GET NEW LAP BARS. still 9/10 would be 10/10 with new lap bars

Then we rode Witches Wheel to burn some time in hope of TTD opening and it did! We saw a line forming outside and we jumped in and started to walk into the queue in 5 minutes. We got to be next in station after a 50 minute wait. I was so ready to ride then the break down. 2 hour break down turned our wait into 2 hours and 50 minute wait. The first lady who put us at our seats wasn't too nice but i understand because she was doing her job and trying to keep the line moving. We got placed row 4. Durning the 2 hour break down a lot of people left the station who ever ahead of us who had to walk off the ride. When I looked over at the front seat there was only a 2 train wait compaired to the 6 before so I gave up my seat next and went to the front. I didnt figure this mattered because they still were not letting anymore people into the station and the lines were already messed up. When they sent the first train with people on it ,a new lady who was sending people to seats says were you guys assigned this seat and we were like no but it doesn't matter because the lines were messed up and we werent cutting anyone. The lady was not nice about it and sent us back to row four and made us wait 3 more trains instead of giving us our spots back. The ride itself is amazing and i want to go on again beside the 3 hour 30 minute line that formed. 10/10

Then we ate. Then to Wicked Twister for a 25 minute wait 10/10 i love this ride. Then we walked on Demon Drop and walked on Raptor 10/10 I love the barrell roll. Then 15 minute wait for Magnum again and a walk on for Demon Drop and we left. 10am-6pm

Overall while we got on way more then I expected but the day was not that great. I was really dissapointed with the staff who normally make the day, almost ruined it. I'm giving them that it is early in the season so I will be back. I still love this park.

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There is one op on Dragster that is rather well you know. I think this is the same one.
God bless Intamin, Company that I love. Stand beside her, and ride her, from the opening to the closing of the day.

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