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Thursday, May 10, 2001 7:39 PM
After a night without sleep due to my “can’t sleep before going to amusement parks” syndrome, we left for Cedar Point at about 5:30AM.

We arrived at Cedar Point at about 10:15AM, which was pretty good timing considering we didn’t speed that much. ;) When we entered there was a pretty short line for Raptor so we got in line. We decided to wait for the front seat since I have never done it before. When we were a few trains away from riding, they asked for two riders to fill the next train, so that saved us some time. We ended up waiting about 20-25 minutes total. My love for Raptor grew twice as strong after riding it in the front seat, it was definitely worth the wait.

Next, we were off to the Magnum because we thought riding Millennium Force before it would spoil us. Magnum was a walk on, but we waited a few trains for the front seat. I noticed that the trims were off going into the pretzel, this wasn’t the case on the second ride. I still don’t think Magnum is what it used to be, but it still gave a good ride. There were few people in line when we got off, so we went around to get in line again. This time we rode in the third seat from the front. This seat was a lot rougher than the front, partly due to the fact that I was stapled, but it wasn’t because of the ride op (they were nice all over the park today), it was because the restraint pushed itself down after the first drop.

After two decent rides on Magnum, we went over to check out the line on MF. The line was about a 15 minute wait, which was a LOT better than last year. We sat towards the middle of the train and it was incredible. MF is everything I remember it being and more with the short line.

We saw that Mantis was a walk on so we grabbed a quick ride on it in the front seat. I’m not the biggest fan of stand ups (this is the only one I have rode), but Mantis gave a nice, smooth ride. I still get amazed at how smoothly B&M makes their sharp changes in direction.

After exiting Mantis, we saw that the line for Millennium Force was even shorter than it was earlier. We got two more rides in, including one in the front seat. It’s a shame you can’t wait for the front seat, because it would be well worth it. The wind blowing in your face is so much stronger when riding in the front and man does that first drop look steep when you’re hanging over the edge of it.

After our third ride on Millennium Force, we took a break and sat down for some food and drink. I had chicken fingers (four chicken fingers for 4.95) and a small Mountain Dew at the place near Mantis (I think it was called Dragon Café or something). After a good but expensive snack, we rode both sides of Power Tower. Only two towers were running (one of each), but the lines were short. I still have to say that I like second generation Intamin freefalls better.

We wanted to head back over to Millennium Force, so we headed back the Gemini midway hitting Corkscrew, Gemini, and Mean Streak on the way. I absolutely love riding Corkscrew in the back seat, you get yanked off the lift hill so forcefully and get some good airtime on the bunny hop before the loop. Gemini had one side running, which was probably enough for the day’s crowds, but they had the whole middle part of the train chained off. I love the head chopper at the bottom of the first drop (who doesn’t?). Fearfully, we got in line for the Mean Streak, there was only one train running, so there was a good-sized line, but we waited it out. Mean Streak was surprisingly smooth; it’s certainly no GCI, but definitely an improvement from last year. Then again, it’s still the beginning of the season.

After riding Mean Streak, we strolled down the Frontier Trail to MF. When we arrived, the line was even shorter! The line barely reached halfway down the ramp. We sat in the middle of the train for another terrific ride. This would be our last ride on MF of the day. On each of our four rides, Ed and I tried doing something funny for the camera, unfortunately none of them turned out well enough for us to buy one.

Ed was feeling sick, so we headed back to the car for some Tylenol. We took the time to rest in the car for a bit and I type up the first half of this trip report.

On our way out to the car, we noticed that Raptor didn’t have a line. So guess what was the firs thing we rode when we re-entered the park? You got it, Raptor. We walked right into the station but waited for the front seat. Another great ride on Raptor!

We decided to hit the Blue Streak since it is my favorite CP woodie and it was right next to Raptor. Blue Streak gave a nice, smooth, airtime filled ride as usual.

Ed still wasn’t feeling well, so I finished up my shopping and picture taking, got a final ride on Magnum and left at 5:10PM, fifty minutes before the park closed.

This was one of my best trips to Cedar Point. The only trip that I think tops it is the time I first rode all of the roller coasters at CP with my family. I look forward to another trip later in the summer.

Although it was a great trip, I have two complaints. First off, Mantis needs repainted badly, maybe since Raptor got it this year, Mantis will receive one next year or the year after. Second off, Cedar Point isn’t too backpack friendly. This coaster season I have been carrying my backpack around to carry a pair of shorts, my camera, cell phone, PDA, etc. There were a few rides that had bins to leave your items at. They made me take it with me on Magnum and a few other coasters and on Millennium Force they made me go put it in a locker. Kennywood has boxes at every ride to keep your things in and SFA lets you keep them on the station platform. Hopefully Cedar Point realizes that not everyone likes putting their stuff in lockers and that some people want to carry their stuff with them all the time. At least I know to leave my backpack in the car next time.
Joe Cernelli
Head Webmaster, Kennywood Boulevard http://kennywood.coasterbuzz.com/
Friday, May 11, 2001 10:20 AM
Excellent TR. Please don't tell me they still decide which seat you have to sit on MF. I really wanted a front seat and a back seat. Is MS as rough as last year? I actually like the beginning of the ride, but after the midpoint, it's all downhill from there. I'll be there next Saturday, May 19 and hopefully my trip will be just as good as yours. :) It is a Saturday though. :(

PKI-Wooden, Helix, and Kiddie Coaster Capital of the World!
And I LOVE CP, so Get Up Out of My Azz About It! :)

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