Cedar Point 21 May 2013

Been a member for over 10 years and this is my first ever trip report (I think).

Arrived at the park at 08:15. I thought they might let platinum pass holders and hotels guests in at 08:30 and have a rope somewhere along the midway (I'm sure they did that when I went in 2008 my last visit). However, they didn't let people in until 9am. People had formed two lines, and then they didn't open any of those turnstiles. Forntately I moved to one which opened and was then at the front.

I was first into the park through the main entrance. It was too hot too run already 80f. When I got round the corner there was already a swarm of people who had entered through the windseeker entrance. Still I was on Gatekeeper by 09:05 and this is the first time I have visited Cedar Point when they have a new coaster and it has not been down, so I was pleased.

I wasn't expecting much from Gatekeeper as I had already ridden Swarm at Thorpe Park. It was better than Swarm, but lacked the wow factor so after 2 rides I decided to make my way to something that does have a wow factor - Top Thrill Dragster. It was a walk-on, even for the front row. Loved it. Had two rides.

At 10am the gates must have opened because there were people running to the ride, but they didn't get to ride it because it went down, and I didn't get my third ride either.

I went to Maverick. Good ride, but my neck was jarred by all the sharp changes in direction, and after I got off, the 15 minute wait was now 30mins+. I went to Millennium Force next. The sign said 1/4 hour wait, turned out to be 25 minutes. Couldn't be bothered waiting for the front, so I went in the back. Got some slight floating air on the drops, but I was not wowed, although I still enjoyed it. Bizzaro (SFNE) is so much better.

Skipped Mantis, because I don't like it. Dragster was back up, with a 30 minutes wait, so went on Magnum - it was a walk-on. Waited 1 train for the front. Never really understood all the Magnum love, but today it was awesome. I didn't get stapled and the airtime was amazing, albeit a little bumpy. Had two more rides before the lone was inundated - Dragster was down again so they all came here.

Geez the heat was unbearble, but the breeze was a relief. Got plenty of free water from the food outlets - not being stingy just I don't like soda.

Went on Gemini, another ride I think is overrated, but I was nearly ejected on the first drop, so it got a big thumbs up today.

After that I walked round the park to see Raptor down, Gatekeeper down, Dragster down, and Power Tower down. Shoot the Rapids, Wind Seeker, Wicked Twister, Skyhawk and the Skyride were all down all day. The crowds were light I suppose for Cedar Point, but with that many rides closed everyone was on Millennium and Maverick.

I left at 14:45, after a quick spin on Blue Streak which was running well. Despite all the closures this was one of my better visits to Cedar Point, I got on everything I wanted to except Raptor.

If I had paid admission and not had a platinum pass I would not have been too happy. I am assuming the rides were down due to wind, even though people were saying it wasn't windy. Weather channel said Sandusky had 8mph winds today.

I'm off to Kings Island tomorrow and expecting to get rained out. Severe thunderstorms expected all day.

Agree about Gemini. Great air time on first drop especially on blue side. It is running well this year.

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Here are a couple of tips we use for riding Maverick to help save the neck and shoulders: ride in the front row and watch the track ahead. Move your body with the track - if the track is rolling to the left, lean to the left (kind of like riding a motorcycle through a series of turns). Or better yet, since it is the Maverick, compare it to bull/bronco riding. If you ever watch them, the cowboys are anticipating which way the bull/bronco will go and compensating for it. Same with the Maverick. Also, hold onto the handles they have on the restraints pushing them outward. This keeps the restraints from tightening up on you.

For me, Maverick is a completely different ride in the front (with the about hints). Coming over the humps is just awesome in the front.


Sounds like CP is having a tough season so far. Not sure what is going on with all of the ride closures. I've been doing a yearly park visit in May for the past 8 years (with last year being the exception) and I have never seen them have this much trouble with downtown.

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Don't believe the Internet. I've gone twice and seen all of the rides open, weather not withstanding.

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It's been 3 years since I was at Cedar Point, and on my last trip, a lot of the rides were down early in the day, but they were all open by 3, with the exception of Sanke River Falls and Thunder Canyon, their excuse being it wasn't hot enough, even though it was blazing hot. Took a trip on the train, and could see that Thunder Canyon was totally drained, with rafts stacked on one of the lifts. When I arrived, Wicked twister, Top Thrill dragster, and Magnum were closed, along with the cable cars. But, like I said, all open later in the day.I hope that all this down time will not be the case when I go there, because I don't like driving long distance for nothing, not to mention, the money spent and wasted. Which was the case the first few years of Dragster being closed almost every time I was there. But, was glad that I was finally able to ride it, with little wait to boot!But, have never been at the park where more than one ride was down all day long. I think the only ride at cedar point that was closed almost every time I went, was Demon Drop. Probably why they got rid of it. And, Glad they didn't send it to Michigan's Adventure, though I'm sure the GP would have loved it.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

Why wouldn't it have made a great addition to MA?

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