Cedar Point 2020 Season Passes Good Through 2021


Cedar Point and several of the Cedar Fair parks have posted updates stating that 2020 season passes will be good through the 2021 season.

"Thank the Phoneticians!"

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"Your 2020 pass just because a 2021 pass!"

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It seems to be chainwide now, including Schlitterbahn parks, except for Canada's Wonderland.

Kind of early for such action, especially with how deeply discounted the passes already were... I wonder if they expect to call the whole season. : (

That would be a damn shame if they do not get to someway celebrate their sesquicentennial. I don't think in 150 years they've missed opening a season. A quick glance at the Atlas doesn't show it. They were open through the Depression and WW2 years.

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I would imagine the plan now is to simply do the planned 2020 celebrations in 2021. If they are able to open for part of 2020 it'll just be bonus time.

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Well, the California governor said without saying, "Not going to happen." I think his words were something like "large gatherings of strangers are incredibly unlikely any time this summer." It's look more and more like we're going to miss the entire season.

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Or, we could just shake hands with everyone as we pass through the gates. That way we won't be strangers!

I don’t believe there will be a 2020 season, or at least not much of it.

Why would they be giving away one year of revenue at this point? Kings Island has only lost one operating days so far, Cedar point has lost zero, Carowinds and kings dominion have lost a few operating days. Knottsberry farm is the park that has lost the most days.

The fact that they’re giving the whole season away already tells me that they’re not going to operate much this year

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Now would be the time to splurge on that all season Fastlane. But I for one don't see my home park, CP, having a very long 2020 season, and that's a lot of money up front for what is essentially going to be the 2021 season, still over a year away.

Yeah, but you can get it now before the price potentially goes up for the in November/December 2020 once they start getting customers back and people start planning for 2021. And if you are able to get a few 2020 visits out of it, it's just gravy.

Applies for wonderland as well. They announced on Facebook.

pkidelirium said:

It seems to be chainwide now, including Schlitterbahn parks, except for Canada's Wonderland.

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