Cedar Point 2008 Construction Photos

Funny how screamscape didn't update anything today...at least when I looked this morning.
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He has updated today.

He used to only do M-W-F updates, but has since grown in popularity, so now he updates almost every day durning the workweek. Say what you will about Screamscape, I'd peg him as right about 90% of the time.

Coasterbuzz used to have a rumors section, but it was a lot to maintain and why waste the bandwidth on pages of comments about a rumor. at least with screamscape, he's got a little blurb about it and not much else.

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Hmm, aren't pictures like that illegal?
I agree with John, I really enjoy reading scream scape. I really don't care about their accuracy but It gives me my daily dose of Amusement news. Unlike CB. I do wish however that the website would switch to a blog format that I think is much easier to read.

I thought they were replacing Camp Snoopy?

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Why would they replace Camp Snoopy?
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A picture of a removed fence is hardly a construction photo.

Closed for being lame and pissing off parks so that they cut the rest of us off from legitimate access.

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Closed topic.

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