Cedar Point 2008?

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Things that make you go "hmmmm..."

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Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
We couldn't possibly know for sure yet what they are brewing. While Aquatrax would be a nice addition, I am the kind of guy who simply wants a normal log flume comparable to the ones that they have removed over the years.

It is looking as if Log Rides are starting to become rare.

i'm not familiar with the 'backstage' area of the park. where is it?

topple tower ride maybe? if so, i imagine it to be pretty large to meet capacity. *** Edited 8/18/2007 2:13:30 AM UTC by fearandloathing***

One of the new S&S log Flumes, or Sky Swatter.

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Timbers crew 08

Backstage could mean many places. From the pic it looks like the area behind the Gemini restrooms beside the train tracks.
Here we go again!

Ok, my guess would have to be...let's see...I'll say another Pepsi Oais...Oops!...Sorry wrong park.

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Probably just another new carpenters' shed. ;)
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hmmm, maybe they consider the 'backstage'
area part of their parking lot?

If so, look out! Here comes Dominator! From swampy bog to psuedo-prestine asphalt!

Can you feel the love?

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They are trying to stir up excitement for something we know nothing about. I am not even worried about that just yet. I still have to ride Maverick this season, so that is what I am looking forward to. Boobuzz here we come!!! ;)
No no no, they are making some sort of permanent structure for the parade floats to be stored in during the winter.

For real.


What parade floats? Aside from High school & College marching bands I have never seen a parade at CP in all my visits over the years.
Maybe they're just putting in a massive CornHole arena.
Perhaps they're going to take Dominator.

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I heard they are taking out most of the attractions and putting as many 3 point challenges in as possible.:)

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The Worlds Largest Cornhole. The corn bags will weigh 50 lbs and instead of tossing them by hand, you'll shoot them out of a cannon. A mear $100 for 3 shots. ;)

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I'd watch that, Jason. :)

Jeff Young
New Log Flume, or Topple Tower.
Son of MeanStreak, anyone?

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^^ Thats what I would call a disfunctional family.

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