Cedar Point 2007 season pass info up!

First the weblink:

Now, to summarize Cedar Point has been put on the same three tier pass system as PKI:

CP ONLY - $94.95
Cedar Fair Maxx Pass - $125
Cedar Fair Maxx Plus Pass - $149.95

Jr/Sr Cedar Point ONLY - $49.95
Jr/Sr Maxx PLUS - $79.95
(Note the Maxx passes are priced identically at CP or PKI)

Oh, also of itnerest a parking window decal good at Cedar Point only will run you an extra $50, Joe Cool Club will run $15. For a limited time, a Maxx PLUS pass includes Joe Cool.

No word on CP Soak City only pass, or a CP and Soak City only pass, or any kind of combination parking pass deals.

(Remember a Maxx Pass adds the other 12 CF ride parks, the Maxx PLUS adds the 5 waterparks)

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Interesting....can't wait to see WoF info for 07, as I normally get my pass there for CP.

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What's weird is that CP's website explains that the Maxxpass is good at all 13 CF ride parks including Bonfanti Gardens.

The Maxxpass from PKI is only good at 12 CF ride parks. If you want to visit Bonfanti with a pass from Kings Island, you'll need the Maxxpass Plus! Apparently someone at PKI believes that Bonfanti is a waterpark. :)

I'm also confused now because PKI no longer mentions their Gold Perks. I was all set to buy at PKI because "Two for Tuesday" and "Walk-on Wednesday" beats Joe Cool benefits any day. Especially now that there seems to be no Joe Cool parking pass (the option to have your pass printed on your pass card).

It would also be nice to know how long those prices are good for. CP lists until 11/16/06. PKI mentions nothing about when their prices go up.

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No word on CP Soak City only pass, or a CP and Soak City only pass

They've never offered a SC-only pass before in Ohio, though I think one or more of the California SCs might have. Also, the Maxx Pass Plus pricing is consistent with the "old" CP+SC combo pass, so I think that's all there will be.

Now the one question remains is Geauga Lake going to be a seperate parking charge, or can we get it combined for a little higher of price?

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Ok Im taking a trip next year 11 parks in 14 days 6 of them are Cedar Fair parks. I have done the math and found the Maxx Pass will save me quite a bit of money. Is there a parking pass I can buy to use at all 6 parks?
Parks I'll be going to in order are(from Omaha)

Worlds of Fun
Six Flags St. Louis
Holiday World
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
Kings Island
Geauga Lake
Cedar Point
Michigan's Adventure
Six Flags Great America
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If you are driving in that area you really should not miss Indiana Beach.

and no PKI? you will be driving right by it.

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Better get them now before november 15 when they start jacking the prices up. I personally would go for the Maxx Pass one cause after a trip to cp, pki, and a couple of trips to GL, it's pretty much paid for.

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Kings Island is on my List Just dosen't say Paramount in front of it. I'm going from SFkk to PKI. Where would Indiana Beach fall in on that trip ?

Just found it it be between Michigans Adventure and SFGam. I might have to do that.

Does anyone no my parking answer will that Maxx Pass cover parking at all parks as well? *** Edited 9/9/2006 5:36:28 PM UTC by TonyBlackjack***

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