Cedar Point 10/5-Sundays Rock II! (long)

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The Park-What can I say, its Cedar Point and it proved once again Sunday why it has all those Golden Tickets. The park was absolutely dead all day but there was not a ride that wasn’t running with at least two trains (except of course WT). Millennium Force didn’t ride 3 trains until about 2 but even with 2 trains I only waited 10 mins, Gemini was only running the red side with 2 trains but that was a walk on, as was Magnum even though the blue train wasn’t running. Top Thrill Dragster was sporting a 20 min wait the entire day, didn’t break down once, and was running 5 trains continuously (from what I saw). There are lesser parks that would have only ran one train on all of their coasters today, but not CP! The temp was in the 50s and there was not a cloud in the sky, yes I had to wear a fleece but I was never cold the entire day, just about as perfect as you can get. My group of coaster loving college students and I arrived around 9:45 and left at 6, my coaster appetite full enough to survive the off-season. By far the best day I have ever spent at the Rockin Roller Coast. Anyways, on to the coasters!

Top Thrill Dragster (2 rides, one in the front, 20 min wait/40 for the front, 10 (out of 10) on the quality scale)-One of the main reasons I had to go back this late is because I missed out on this ride in June and boy this ride is everything its cracked up to be. Everything that has been said about its launch and drop is true. Let me reiterate though about how much this ride is better in the front row, you literally get a face-lift on the launch, wow. I also liked hearing that this ride’s wait was three hours on Saturday while knowing I waited less then an hour twice. Although the shortness of this ride will keep it out of my top ten it was an incredible ride in its own right.

Disaster Transport (1 ride, walk on, 5)-After a ride on Power Tower, Scrambler, Chaos and Troika we hit this one for the hell of it, enjoyed it for what it was worth.

Raptor (2 rides, walk on, 9)-They have unfortunately turned back on the mid course break since June but the ride still delivered its foot ripping finale, so not too much complaints there.

Blue Streak (1 ride, walk on, 7)-My best ride I have ever had on this one, sitting in 1-3 I got air that I never knew this ride had, makes me want to make this ride a regular every time I go to Cedar Point.

Draggin’ Iron (1 ride, walk on, 4)-After hitting Cedar Downs, it was one of my groups first trip to the Point so we hit this one up. It still is deserving of its nickname and BBW beats this one any day. The ride was a walk on though so I guess I really have nothing to complain about, plus I actually mildly enjoyed it this time around, must have been the company.

Millennium Force (2 rides, 10 min, 10)-I was worried that my ride experience on this one would suffer after TTD, but those fears were unfounded. This ride still has the best drop of any coaster and relentless speed. It was also back to the smoothness of 2000, after the ride was uncharacteristically rough this summer.

Mantis (1 ride, walk on, 6)-To compensate for turning the midcourse on Raptor they decided to turn off the trim on the first hill here. Unfortunately, all it did was make my feet a little sorer. I will still argue till I’m blue how much this ride would be improved if they put normal sit down seats on it!

Cedar Creek Mine Train (1 ride, walk on, 1)-Got my legs wrenched this time when they lowered the bar so the little thrill that the helix gives me was ruined due to pain. It was however necessary to take a break from the big rides after my elephant ear though so it fulfilled it.

Mean Streak (1 ride, walk on, 6.5)-The coldness does this ride well; it was less rough then normal but still has no air. After doing my very first haunted house (UR Dead) and enjoying it I still enjoyed speeding through the supports that the latter part of this ride contains.

Gemini (1 ride, walk on, 7.5)-While I did have to downgrade its rating for not racing, this rides air on Sunday gave Magnum’s a run for most forceful air at the Point, still a wonderful ride.

Magnum XL 200(2 rides, walk on, 11)-Still my favorite ride in the park it gave me the two best day rides I have had on it. Sitting in my ejector seat (last car row one) the midcourse break was negligible and I couldn’t stop laughing the whole home stretch. Defiantly a good way to end my 2003 coaster season; next up Montu in June of 2004!

I dont care what anyone says Magnum is better then MF, which is better then TTD!

Actually, Dragster did break down at approximately 11:40. I know this because I was in the train that rolled back then was stuck on the brake run once it did go over and we were 20 minutes late for our shift at the Pharoah's Secret (haunted house in Disaster Transport's building). It was a good day though, and a good weekend. You should have been there Friday night if you wanted to see some dedicated coaster riders!! Ourselves included when we actually got breaks from the house ... snow/rain most of the night, high winds and cold temps - ah what a night! ;)

I don't know how you can think that Mantis would be good with floorless trains. First off, the major redesign of the station would be a mint, plus if you actually think about it, the entire stand up concept is based on whips and quick directional changes which would in short order make mush of your ears on a floorless train, in addition to the fact that the center of gravity of the ride would not be at your center of gravity, but somewhere near your eyeballs ... all I gotta say on that one is ouch!

Resident Launch Whore
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I never said a floorless, just a sitdown, I realize it would be too much $$ for a floorless redesign. I dont know about the bumpy factor, I think that the whip you feel would be somewhat deminished since you were closer to the track, but thats just my thoughts.

I am very jelious that you were on a rollback, I was sort of hopeing for one when I was on. Glad I missed the snow, and I am a little sorry I missed fright zone but the short lines made up for it.

In case you thought that I wasnt dedicated for making that weather comment though, we left @ 4:45 am to get there for opening so while we had excellent weather we are still dedicated :)

I dont care what anyone says Magnum is better then MF, which is better then TTD!
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