Cedar Point 06.03.03 -- First time to CP

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All I have to say is WOW. This has been a dream of mine to actually go to this coaster mecca for God knows how long. Each time I had planned, something came up. So when my boss asked me to goto Detroit for 3 weeks, I knew my time was coming near.

I finally got out of work about 6:30pm and was on the road by 6:50. After the 140 mile drive, I made it up there around 8:50 or so. After reading all the info there is here about CP, I still wasn't prepared for the utter beauty this park has to offer on the way in. I felt like a little kid again as I drove the bridge that connected CP to the outside world, just glaring at that beautiful sky line.

After parking my car and walking in the general direction that I thought was the correct way, I noticed the season pass building and headed over that way (since I am stuck in Detroit for the next 3 weeks or so, my boss said the pass was on her!). Had my pass purchased and picture taken and was in the park by 9:10pm. I was just hoping this was enough time to get on the 2 big boys now (after all, I'll be there for CoasterMania, where I could hit the park as a whole that day).

As I walked through the gates.. even as I pulled up in my car, the one thing that struck me was that this place was an actual amusement park. Being from Chicago and growing up with SFGAm, I never realized what one was. The thing that struck me the most was THERE WERE LIGHTS ON THE COASTERS!! This wasnt something I just saw in the movies anymore, this was reality, there was chasing lights on coasters, lit up coasters, heck, even the clouds had the sillouette of Dragster on them. As I was strolling down the midway, I couldnt help but notice how the coasters were not tucked away, they were right there for you to see and notice and feel. Their aura was spilling over onto the streats. (Again, coming from SFGAm, this is a total 180, where SFGAm's are tucked away in the corners of the park for the most part). Walking down that midway, all I could think of was the differen add campains and various tidbits I had read about as I passed coaster after coaster.

Finally, I came upon my first of 2 coaster and jumped in line for Millenium Force. I could barely hold in the excitement. This was a coaster I was itching to ride ever since it opened. The first part that caught my attention was the speed. Standing in line, as the coaster whips past you for the final turn-around, I was amazed at the sheer speed it had at the END of the ride. The wait for me was around 25 minutes or so. I noticed they were running 2 trains (blue was off to the side). As I approached the loading station, I heard someone call out for single riders. Was this actually happening?? Were they actually trying to help out single riders and get them on quickly... WOW. I still waited in line, if this was going to be my first ride, I wanted to make sure I had a quality seat, so I took the back left seat. As I was quickly pulled up the hill, I was still feeling sort of surreal with the endless lake to my left and the shrinking CP behind me.. and then we were off. I went to CP to clear my head of monotonous computer code, and boy did that drop do it for me. After that drop, the ride was a blur of utter enjoyment.

After coming off the ride, it was around 9:40pm. I knew I didnt have to hurry, but I needed to make sure I was in line for TTD by 10pm. I came up to Dragster about 9:48pm and there was a line forming outside the entrance with nobody in the que. At this point, I noticed they were launching an empty train. Well, If I didnt get on TTD, and only made it on 1 coaster, the trip was still a success for me (after all, I had always wanted a CF season pass, and that alone sitting in my pocket was enough for me). As soon as that train cleared the top, the next train out had people in it and the gates to the que were open.

The wait for me on TTD started where the line divides into the front and back for the loading stations. I chose the font and slowly but surely made my way up. Again, I head the girl ask for single riders but I wanted my back seat again so I chose to wait it out. When my turn was finally upon me, I could barely walk to the train I was so excited. I sat on the left again, in the gold train, buckled myself in and just sat there smiling. Everybody knows the ride now, so I am not going to describe it here.. but I wasnt ready for the power this has to offer. I have been on V2 countless times, but still wasnt ready for the launch on this puppy. Simply amazing!! As I crested the top hat, it seemed like time came to a stop and gave me that instant to reflect on what just happend before I was spinning (seemingly out of control) back to the end.

As I got off the ride, I quickly checked my photo and exited the park a very, very happy enthusiast.

sidenote: When you talk about customer service on here, I really didnt know what that meant. With SFGAm being my home park (and reportedly one of the best in the SF chain w/ c.s.), I still wasnt prepared for the service I got in my brief stay at CP. Starting at the toll-booth lady, and onto the man who not only helped with my season pass questions, but took my picture, and whipped out a map to tell me the exact route I want to take to ensure I get on those 2 rides tonight. It was simply Awesome! Cedar Point truely is the greatest park I've been to!

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Great trip report, onceler. In just one evening, you've seen why Cedar Point is such a special place. Imagine what you'll think with a full day!

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Welcome to the CP fan club man. :)

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And I'm happy you decided to head down last night even though it was raining earlier. Hope you enjoy your stay in the Detroit area as well. Don't know where you are, exactly, but there are a lot of Cbuzzers and GTTP'ers in the area.

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Glad to hear you had a nice time! It is a very special place which cannot be compared with any other park.
from another person who grew up with SFGAm....welcome to the converts' club!!

always nice to see another SFGAm home-park person see the wonder that is CP...

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