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Friday, March 22, 2002 7:11 PM
It was a cloudy and yet warm day in August when my family and I were going to go to Cedar Point for the day. We got there a couple of hours before it opened. We didnt plan our timing right so thats why we were there so early. So we were just playing around at the front gates, and at that time they were re-painting so big sign in front of the park I forgot what it was. Ok so enough of this boring stuff. It was nine oclock and the park was open, all the gates opened up exept ours it was stuck or something, since we didnt want to wait a long time for the millennium i used the muscles that i had and pushed that thing up so we gave them our ticket and ran like heck. I am a track star so I felt like running that day. So I zipped passed everyone and I forgot about the side entrace, but we still go on the ride in less that ten minutes. We got in front row, luckily, and just as we were about to depart my lap bar Came up, and the train was just ablut to go up so yes I was scared, Later Couldent figure out why it did that it was mind boggling. So anyways as quick as I could I kind of yelled at one of the op. and said wait... so they fixed it and they told me some story about why that happed but i didnt get it, who cares. So just as it was the other times I rode it it was awsome, I know people want to hear stuff about magic mountain right now but that will have to wait till i go there. So just as anybody knows that ride is great. Then we went to Raptor and rode it a couple times, just wondering if anybody is ever going to read this is it similar to montu what is that coaster like. Then on to mantis, that ride is good but everytime we go for a loop there is so much pressure on my feet that it feels like breaking and I am in the right standing position, and tips, any comparison to riddler, then on to magnum the ride was ok but its mindboggling on how it got number to on the golden ticket awards even though I agree with the Golden ticket awards for the most part. Then iron dragon and power tower no new rides here untill the Twister comes, and I cant wait for that ride I think it will be better that what people are anticipating the ride to be as of now. Overall the park is great, nice people, Ive been to every park almost except the moutain, and it is by far the best as of now, great family park, nice food, nice rides and nice scenery. Best park award. Then the last ride of the day we were going up the chain lift on raptor and it stopped so then i see that the guy in front of me has a movie camera so i figure that is it and people are kind of mad at him for holding up the show. Raptor best invert.Then on to the hotel and the next day back to the water park. I think that in the incoming years they should get ride of all of their wooden coasters and put in the latest technology world breaking rides to get people all aroung the world to come there. But final comments just that wicked twister will definitly be a thrill this may. Thats it.
Friday, March 22, 2002 9:06 PM
First of all, try using some paragraphs. It's hard to read your TR as it stands now. Second of all, edit your sentences down so they don't run-on so much. In the beginning you admit that you've bored us for the first few sentences. Let that be your clue to take out those sentences. How about the sentence where you think that people want to hear about Magic Mountain? No, we want to hear about Cedar Point, even if the TR is from August 2001. Once the season gets back into full swing, you'll find some excellent writers such as 2Hostyl and Jeff. I highly recommend reading their reports.
The word "definitely" is definitely the most misspelled word on the buzz.
Saturday, March 23, 2002 6:03 AM
Thanks for the advice, lol

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