Cedar Point- VEEERRRYYY late! (7/16/02)

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Saturday, February 8, 2003 4:54 PM
Well, I wasnt meaning for this trip report to be so late, its just that I have never posted a report before. After reading some previous ones, I figured I would give it a shot. So, here it goes!

I have been to Cedar Point, both on weekdays. So, I have never really experienced the *HEAVY* crowds. However, this trip was the most crowded of my two. I like to rate rides, so I will rate the coaster on how it was operating that day.

Ok, first we started off with the great Millennium Force. What can I say, but GREAT! One of the best rides ever. Millennium Force was running great, but a rarely long line with a 2-hour wait on a Tuesday. They were only running 2 of the trains. Due to the horribe capacity, I give the rating a 9 for that day.

Next, was a trip on the Frontier train back to the back. We hoped on Mean Streak, for our worst ride ever. Like always, Mean Streak was running horrible. Way to go! Rating: 3

After Horrible Streak, we took off for White Water Landing, Thunder Canyone, and Snake River Falls. As you can tell, we were very hot, being that the temp. was a scorching 100! All these rides I rated a 8, since they felt so darn good!

Then, we took of for lunch, we brought our own food, b/c we didnt want to spend godly amnts. of money that day. On the way back in, we took of for Raptor. Raptor had a short 30 min. wait, running 3 trains! Raptor gave a great ride, rating: 9.

Next, off to Power Tower. We took the drop side, short 5 min. wait. This side never seems to amaze me, rating: 5.

After Power Tower, was Magnum. Never fails to amaze me. Great ride, powerful speed, awesome drops! Short 20 min. wait, rating: 10.

Next was Gemini. Gemini never seems to amaze on the other hand. Don't get me wrong, great ride, but I just dont know, lol. However, it was running great, and short wait, 10 min., 2 trains on each side. Rating: 7.

Now, onto Mantis. On my last trip to CP, I never got to ride Mantis, so I was very much looking forward to it. The line wait was 1 hour, and we didnt have much time, but we decided to wait it out. We were about 3/4 in the line, waiting for about 45 minutes. When they decided to go from 1 trains, to 2 trains. However, during this smart move, the ride broke down. GREAT JOB CP! So, we got mad and left the line. So, Mantis rating for the day, 0!!!

Our last ride of the day, Wicked Twister. My very first ride on it! This ride is nothing but awesome. The beach just adds to it, when waiting in line, what a site! The wait for WT, was only around 20 minutes, which I thought was great, considering some ppl's complaints about the capacity. This coaster gave a great ride, and got my 10 rating!

Well, another great day at Cedar Point. See ya again June 17th!

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Saturday, February 8, 2003 6:52 PM
Nice TR. I took my first visit to CP about the same time. And I missed half the coasters including Raptor and Mean Streak because of the people I was with... Ah, I should have posted that TR. It would have been good. Oh well.

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