Cedar Point = Awesome!(10/8/05)

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After debating whether or not to go because of the weather conditions, my sister Riley and I decided to go to cedar point! We left columbus around 10:30am and arrived at the park around Noon(I do 80mph the whole way, with no stops!..haha)The park opened at 12:00 and closed at Midnight.

The skies were cloudy and It looked liked crap. We entered the park and got in line for Max Air. This ride is very good and with the cold winds its a rush!. It was alot a fun and the no wait helped a lot too. 9/10

After that we headed for Wicked Twister and got two good rides on that before it closed down for the rest of the day. I still like the holding break better than the double spike.But it is still a great ride. 9/10

After that we headed over to Millennium Force but, the ride had already built up a massive line, so we continued walking back to mean streak. By this time it had begun raining(light rain) so we got on Mean streak. Mean streak is a great wooden coaster. So many people hate it, but I really enjoy it. Although the trim breaks are on Extreme! on the first drop, the rest of the ride is great and pure fun. 8/10

Now here is where CP gets the title Awesome! One word : MAGNUM. This coaster goes in the book as my 2nd favorite steel coaster. With no wait we got on and the ride was pure madness! The first drop felt like it was going on for ages, the coaster had so much speed the whole time, and the ejector air is insane! I love this coaster. I got 3 good rides and it gets a 10/10

After that We headed For TTD which had just opened moments earlier from a earlier breakdown. In line we met some cute boys(lol) who I guess had been waiting in line since the park opened. We got in line around 4:00(to give you some idea of how long they were waiting.) So we waited for about 30 min and then TTD broked down again. So after a good 30 min wait TTD started back up again, and then 30 min later they had to close it down due to weather conditions. So now it was around five and we had nothin else to do so we waited. We decided to go get some food, so we had the guys save our spots and the worker at the TTD entrance remember our faces. So we came back and the rain was still comin down and TTD was still down. So to make a long story short!. We waited till 8:00 pm for the ride to start back up again. Finally the ride started and there was absolutely no one in the station. So you know how there are two loading plat forms? Well we were in the first one, but the train was in the second one, so they let the people in the second loading platform on first. And they got the a Rollback. That was suppose to be my Rollback!...Everyone was so pissed on my platform. So Tek if you're out there, I hate you!( Tek=TTD crew member) TTD was awesome as usual, the ride is intense but short. 9/10

After that we headed for Millennium Force and the wait was 1hr and 30min and they meant it. MF has the worst stacking of any coaster I have ever been on. A wait that could easily be 30-45 min was almost tripple that. They were running 3 trains, but it felt like One. So in line we met a couple who did not want to ride this because they thought it was going to be the most scary thing they have ever been on. So me and my sis convinced them to stay on. They rode behind us and were screaming like babies, and only if I had their on-ride photo(Priceless) MF is insane at night and in the rain. I loved every moment of it and that's why it will always be my number one coaster! 10/10

After that we went on Mantis and this coaster Smacks the hell out of you(lol) I never remember it being that forceful...and I liked it.(hahaha) It was great fun. My sister was screaming and praying to GOD to get her off of it! I enjoyed It. 7/10

After that we headed for the "FrightZone" which is actually really scary! It was so foggy and you couldn't see the ''Monsters" that were trying to scare you. It was great! I was holding on to my sister and she was holding on to me and we were holding on to the guys we just met on TTD and they were like, "Are you guys going to be okay?..(lol). I was scared, I'm not gonna lie. So we decided to try out the WereWolf canyon. We were in line with the two guys we met at TTD and we were telling ghost stories in line.The Were Wolf canyon overall is actually pretty scary and I enjoyed it. Be prepared for a long wait though. We waited an hour. 7/10

Overall this was one of my favorite trips to CP. Met cute boys(like always..lol), Rode MF and TTD, got a good spin on Max Air and rode MAGNUM( it was so awesome!). Although the weather was a B*tch, It was still a lot of fun. Oh, and of course on the way out I got an Elephant Ear!( Gods gift to mankind!)

"On wednesdays we wear Pink!"

what about raptor?
Nope, no Raptor. When we got to the park there was a long line and by time we were back at the entrace of the park(at midnight), it was closed!

"On wednesdays we wear Pink!"

Autumn said:

After that we went on Mantis and this coaster Smacks the hell out of you(lol) I never remember it being that forceful...and I liked it.(hahaha) It was great fun. My sister was screaming and praying to GOD to get her off of it! I enjoyed It. 7/10

Yeah, well, atleast your not a guy. That "smacking" is a whole lot worse for guys. ;) OUCH!

sounds like a kool trip...Magnum is def a plus now that it never has much of a wait, put it anywhere else its the parks best coaster, at CP its just another ride
I love the fact that magnum never has a line, if it does, it's a short one at that. Nice air, and I love the back seat. It's my no. 6 coaster. Millennium Force is a coaster you need to ride, no words can describe, and TTD, well, I've never ridden it, but I have ridden KK and it's a great ride.

Glad your day at the park was okay, I liked your review, except for the "cute boys" park, not my style.

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