Cedar Point - Sunday 9/12/10 Passholder Appreciation Day

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I don't feel particularly special, since I'm sure a good number of people rode 16 of 17 coasters at Cedar Point yesterday, perhaps several times over if they really wanted to. However I also managed to grab a Jr Gemini credit because my friend's daughter was there for a while and rode with me. :) It's the first time I've ridden all 17 in a single day, so that was fun.

But that wasn't even necessarily the best part, even though it's a neat statistic to have. It was simply a beautiful day at the park, and my favorite kind of weather: warm in the sun, but not hot; slight breeze, but not chilly; on the verge of dipping below 70; colorful sunset. There were enough people for the park to feel "active" but with a laid back, relaxed atmosphere (there is such a thing as a park being too empty). Short lines meant it wasn't difficult to get my favorite seats on most rides, and I could sample some flats I normally wouldn't wait for.

I couldn't make it to the morning ERT on MilF, but they effectively had it all day long. There were so few people at the Dragster ERT after closing that it was pretty much a three-train wait for the front seat, and they'd fill the rest of the train with people waiting at the exit ramp from the previous trains. And to top it off, there wasn't even a barrage of bugs while riding up front.

I had been disappointed that I'd only ridden Dragster once this year, but last night certainly made up for it. Days like that are why I don't regret not going to the park in July and August. Everyone just seemed to be in a great mood, really pumped up for the extended ride time, and I love being in the park with friends for those moments.

Sounds like you had a great day! I was at Dorney Park yesterday, and i was able to count the cars in the parking lot on the lift of Steel Force. 36. The Employee lot had 4x as many cars as the actual lot.

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We were there from opening to close. You are right, it was a great day. During the morning season pass ERT we got 9 laps on Millie. We then headed over and got 3 on Maverick before heading to Dragster for it's opening.

At one point we were walking by TTD and my wife (last year she wouldn't even ride kiddie coasters) said that it was a station wait. All together we got 9 laps in including 2 front row rides.

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Was there from open to close as well making both ERT sessions and had a blast. Made it to 23 on millie, 10 on dragster, and 6 on maverick to just list the big ones. Best day by far I've had at the park.

Did anyone else notice maverick slowing completly down right before the launch? I got a few rides where we came almost to a complete stop before the launch which was awesome, it made it feel so much faster than the typical rolling stop launch. It only happened on 3 of the 6 rides and is the first time I've ever experienced it.

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birdhombre said:
I couldn't make it to the morning ERT on MilF

So when you eventually did ride MilF, how was she?

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^ I started up front, but spent most of my time in the rear.

Hope you weren't too rough on 'er!

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