Cedar Point - November 1, 2008 - An Engagment Story

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All summer long, I've been telling Jamie "We should have one of those caricature drawings done - but they're just so expensive" - and we've never gotten one done. This was all part of the master plan though.

My birthday is on Halloween, and Cedar Point (our favorite place int he world) happens to close around Halloween every year. All of our friends got together for a birthday party for me on Friday the 31st. We stayed at a local campground up by the park.

Then, on Saturday,the plan went into full action. Jamie and another one of our friends went to ride the Magnum, and I faked having a stomach ache so I could go talk to the caricature artist. We had pre-arranged everything, so all we would have to do is walk up and act like we wanted a caricature done,and he'd know what to do.

So after Jamie got off the ride, I asked if we could get a caricature done for my birthday, and all my friends said that they would go in to pay for it (since they are quite expensive) as a birthday gift for me.So we sat down, and had the caricature done. We couldn't see what was happening, but the artist was drawing a picture of me on one knee. He had also hung up signs around his drawing that let the crowd know that it was a surprise and that they should all keep their mouths shut. Many people walked up and saw the sign, and most of the women got this really big smile on their face. Luckily, Jamie was fairly oblivious to all of that.

So then the big reveal came, and we got to see the drawing. It took Jamie a second or two to figure out what was happening, and by the time that she realized and turned around to look at me, I was already on one knee. I had planned to say a few sentences, but for some reason couldn't come up with any words other than "Will you marry me?" She had this look of shock on her face, and I thought that she might cry, but I think I took her completely by surprise and she didn't cry at all. She of course said"Yes" and I then told her that she had given me the best birthday present ever.

The big group of friends who had been my "barrier"to the midway all began to cheer for us, and it was really great. We all went to Famous Dave's for a late lunch to celebrate.

This was, by far, the best ending to a Cedar Point season that I've ever had. Thanks to everyone who was a part of the process. It wouldn't have been possible to pull something like this off without the help of a lot of people, and you can't ever know how much I appreciate all your help and support.

There are a few photos of the big day available here. Hopefully I'll get some more photos up there soon - I've got a lot to go through!

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Jeff Young

Very sneaky! And Congratulations!

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That's awesome, Jeff.

Congrats, you guys! :)

Very cool. Congrats!

And the drawing was pretty good too. Those guys always amaze me.


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Congratulations! Sounds like an elaborate plan that worked just right...an excellent day to remember in your rocking chairs on the front porch 60+ years from now. :)

Congrats! Anyone else think Mantis was running really well this season?


Oh, that is SO sweet!!! I'm so happy for you. Congrats!

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*applause* My wife and I wish you both much luck and good wishes for the future! that was so sweet! Congrats!

Awwww, that's so sweet...and the pics are awesome....GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS!!!! :)

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Kickass! That is very sweet, sneaky, yet very original! ;) Congrats you guys!

I like your photo site by the way! Very nice pics!


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Hey, Jeff! You just hit the Cedar Point Blog!!

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Congratulations! That is the way to do it! Pretty sneaky!

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