Cedar Point - Memorial Day 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 4:20 PM

Living in Colorado – our options are limited for exciting coasters and quality amusement parks. We have Elitches and Lakeside which each have their perks and many of the Ski Resorts putting the small but fun mtn coasters but looking for something new and a travel destination. The original plan was Dollywood/Smoky mtns but checking on the weather it looked like heavy rain each day leading up to Memorial day – also looked at Orlando/Tampa area that also was getting slammed with rain. I told the lady and kid Cedar Point is the best option aside from back to LA and Disneyland(next year with star wars land is the plan). Having access to buddy-passes made the flight from Denver to Cleveland easy and cheap.

2003 was the last time I visited Cedar Point with the family. Right after they opened Top Thrill Dragster(2003) and Millennium Force(2000). The final push to get us there was the Mean Streak conversion to Steel Vengeance. Having ridden Outlaw Run and Twisted Colossus already I knew this was going to be a great ride.

We looked at accommodations all around the Point – I kept coming back to the Breakers. It cost a bit more than other hotels but the easy access to and from the park was key. I could go out early and let the mom and kid sleep in or take an afternoon break and hang out on the beach. Removing the transportation from the weekend greatly reduces stress. The Breakers were good enough – I heard they recently remodeled and I found the rooms to be adequate. Sunday AM I could not sleep much – too excited perhaps? I got up at 6:15am(4:15am mtn time), grabbed a coffee and watched the sun rise over Lake Erie. On our only full day Sunday the beach was perfect break in the middle of the day – the water was warm enough for a swim, toes in the sand, beer in hand, and throwing the Frisbee with my kid was super. The large water snake swimming around the shore added a bit more excitement. Could of down without the 3:30am Monday fire alarm at the Breakers though – had to evacuate for almost 45minutes – false alarm. The AM coffee situation is a joke too – no crappy coffee makers in the room so you have Starbucks – or perkins which is fine – but not when trying to serve an entire hotel. How about a large coffee station in the lobby with the honor system – buck a cup. Want a fancy coffee drink – go to starbucks.

Day 1 – Just Need that One Ride. Checked in to our hotel and received our tickets at 8:30pm. Park closed at 10pm so we had to hurry. Made it over to the Maverick and waited in line for about 20 minutes then bailed – the goal was Steel Vengeance at night. Waited in line about 80 minutes while the mom and kid were out riding the mine ride and other kiddy rides. They went back to the hotel at 10pm while I waited in line. Ended up meeting some really nice people in line – talked about everything – helps pass the time. Seated in the middle of the lone S.V. train – the ride was far better than I expected and I had some pretty lofty expectations. I was pretty much laughing the whole way its was so unbelievably good. I found myself disoriented not knowing what was up and down. The 3 hill does this outside-bend positive G turn that was off the charts. Diving into the structure was so darn fun. I can honestly say that I don’t see how a ride can be any better than SV. It had everything – whatever RMC in Montana is doing – keep it up – this is only the beginning..

Day 2 – Running with the Bulls. After little sleep and much anticipation I made it over to the Magnum XL gates at 7:58am – 3 train and again such a great ride. SV is a great ride during the day – but honestly I like SV at night more.

Met up with the fafmily and started to work our way through the park. We decided with the money saved not having to buy plane tickets and the fact that we don’t come to the Point often – we opted for the Fast Pass Plus for each of us. It was so worth it for the way we work a park. I did want to go on a ride and leave them for 90 minutes or more. I wanted to ride as much as possible with the family and get in the coasters too. This allowed for us to get many rides as possible – take a break – then come back in the park and keep going. I cut them lose at 3pm after a few rides on Iron Dragon. I was feeling a bit queasy so I took some Dramamine. While this helped with the slight nausea it also seemed to take a bit of the edge off and not make me feel the movement of the coasters as much. Had to finally call it – needed a break. Headed to the beach and water park. The scariest ride for me – the Tube WaterSlide – where the bottom drops out and sends you flying down the slide at a good rate – impressed my 8 year old also did it.

Grabbed dinner then headed back into the park. Finally got on Maverick after a few failed FastPass attempts. Another great ride – unlike anything I have ever done. So much fun – love that it turned where coasters were going on their ear. No longer does a ride have to be the biggest, tallest, fastest – it just has to be fun. After 10 years its still a top 10 coaster on coasterbuzz - rode it 3 more times.

Day 3 – Took my kid into the park with the Breakers early entry. Did not run with the Bulls but made it over to the Maverick – the one ride I wanted to get my kid on. Only issue – he is only 51.5” tall. Limit to ride is 52”. I tried to get him on – no dice. ½” too short….damn. He hung out while I rode again. We hit up some of the rides and about noon had to head to the airport. But that’s ok – it was 97degrees out and hot as all heck.

ParentSwap: used it often – I would of preferred that our kid waited in line with us then we send him to the exit to wait but that is not allowed. You are supposed to pick up a pink slip at the ride entrance, write down name and date and mark ride then hand to ride operator. After the ride – you exit – send the other parent up the exit and they get on the next train. Not a perfect system but it helped us immensely. I often forgot to hand the ride operator the pink slip after the ride. I would hand the pass to the other parent – they walk up the exit and hand it over themselves and then get on the ride. There is certainly potential for abuse doing this. I saw 8 people waiting in parentswap for Steel Vengeance after one ride.

Mountain Bike Rides that remind me of coasters: deadline trail in aspen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAoLxBhSrjU

All in All- my kid is already asking when we can go back – I will assure you only after he grows half an inch. CP is a solid park that always delivers – anyone who loves amusement parks and coasters – this is one of the best. The trip far exceeded my boys expectations along with moms. Always good to over-deliver.

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