Cedar Point - May 5, 2002

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Monday, May 6, 2002 6:01 AM
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I got to Cedar Point at about 2:00 due to sleeping in after a long night with a friend. I stood in the season pass line for about 5 min before I heard the lady say that if we have the certificate, we can go into the park and come back later to validate. Thank god she said that. When I got into the park, I beelined it to Wicked Twister. I spotted Jeff and some other CBers with him, but I didnt recognize them so I am sorry for not saying hi. I was more enamored with WT though. The wait was only an hour and It really didnt seem to take that long. We were zipping through the queue at a good pace. After hearing mixed reviews on impulses, I was anxious to try this one out. Good ride! I liked the rear spike better than the front one because I liked the hang time looking down. Simply amazing. I also liked the restraints because they didnt move you at all and kept you feeling safe, even if hanging parallel to the ground. 8/10

I then went over to get the FastPass (or whatever its called) and then wnet to Disaster transport. I was amazed to see that Cedar Point spent money on this ride, even if it wasnt much. The queue was decked out in flourescent paint. I bought the $1 3D glasses for queue line fun. The best room was the Repair bay with the Voyager-like warp core thing in the center of the room. I still miss the first room robot though. I didnt like that they didnt have any sound effects on and the big room while riding was now dark, except for the star-like pattern all ofer the place. Its too much like Space Mountain now. 5/10

I then got a ride on a seemingly smoother (Corkscrew 7/10) a space shot on the Power Tower (7/10) and a nice ride on Iron Dragon, which was sporting some fog. (7/10) I glanced at Millennium Force but decided to wait and I got in the queue for Mantis. I decided to leave the queue after snapping a few pics and hearing that the disp[atch was slow because no one is allowed to buckle their own harness. The line was not long at all, but the sign was showing a 1 1/4 hour wait. I love Mantis, but not enough to wait that long, because I knew the wait would be longer. At this point I went back to check the season pass queue (still too long) and I caught a ride on the Demon Drop. As I boarded, I got said Hi to by some CBers (I believe it was STChick, Kicks the Sky and a couple of others since I saw you guys later in the day, but I dont rmemeber.) Great ride. Still a classic. Better than the Power Tower. (8/10)

I grabbed some lunch @ the buffet and said Hi to JoeyIsch. After that, I got my WT fastlane ride, and then went over to Raptor and got a spin on that while sitting next to a guy who was trashing Mean Streak and Coasterbuzz. (Holy run-on sentence Batman!) This made me glad to leave the ride, although it was still a great ride. 8/10

Remembering the Mean Streak, I made my way slowly back there by hopping on Magnum, Gemini, and Mine Ride. Magnum's sign said 30 minutes, but I waited at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half. Half the seats were tied off, and they were running all three trains. I got in a good ride, but I dont think it was worth that wait. As soon as I got off, they said they were having technical difficulties and that no more trains were running until they got the issue taken care of. 7/10 (low due to the long wait.) Gemini was flying as usual. The station exterior got re-painted. I dont remember the interior. (7/10) The Mine Ride was a great smooth ride, although the new boards looked so grossly out of place, colorwise. 7/10

I headed back to Mean Streak and saw no one in the queue. Was it down? No. I walked onto the platform and boarded. I was really hoping for a solo ride, and if I had kept getting in the queue. I checked my watch and didnt think I had enough time, but other than the trim brakes o nthe first drop, the ride was great! 8/10

I decided to grab some souveneirs and head to the Season Pass queue which was still an hour wait. (1/10) Then I went home. If you were at Cedar Point on this day, you would have noted me as being the guy who was wearing the Coasterbuzz shirt. People are shocked I skipped Millennium Force, Blue Streak and Mantis, but somehow I forgot Blue Streak and Millie seemed to be running a little slow. I had limited time in the park due to getting there so late and the park closing at 8pm and all.

Still, a good day. I'm going to try and get back before Coastermania.


Monday, May 6, 2002 6:43 AM
I regret riding Millennium Force yesterday. I ended up waiting 2.5 hours becuase of problems with the restraints and the elevator.
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Monday, May 6, 2002 10:26 AM
Why did I have to work? Why? why? Why?

Wish I was there

Planned Parks for this summer: SFoGa, CP, SFWoA, SFGAm, SFKK, PKI, MA, SFStL, HW, KW. Is 10 enough?
Cornerstone Festival 2002... I will be there

Wednesday, May 8, 2002 8:00 PM


If you were the guy in the yellow Coasterbuzz t-shirt than I saw you about 4 times on opening day.

Sunday, May 12, 2002 5:48 PM
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Michael, that was me. It was kinda funny. I met a bunch of Buzzers, but also got annoyed by the punks who thought I was just a dork. LOL

But I do have a few pics from the day which I finally got back from being developed. You can find them at http://joecwik.com/coasters.htm

Hey man. Wanna buy some weed? Crack? Freepass on Millennium Force? I got the hook up...


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