Cedar Point - May 11th

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Ahhhh.... My fist offical day at Cedar Point for the 2004 season! It was amazing, perfect weather, no crowds, and no lines.

So I started my day off with none other then the Magnum XL-200, much fun, seems to have gotten a littler rougher over the winter but, still at the top of my list.

Corkscrew - once a day is enough for me.. fun but still the same the new shiny paint is pretty.

Power Tower Turbro Drop - Still freaks me out.

Wicked Twister - Boy, was I happy to see it running, I belive its been having some problems lately with a power surge, it was open all day and running smoothly.

Wicked Twister Again

Dismatch Master Transport - Theaming coming back a little, still an ok ride.

Raptor - I love Raptor, best invert out there in my opinion.

Lunch Break At About 11:30

Power Tower Space Shot - Very Fun.

Magnum Again

Gemini - Two trains running on Blue Side Only.

Mean Streak - Mean Streak is MUCH better then previous years... its great!

White Water Landing

Millennium Force - My favorite drop on any coaster out thier. Stacking here and thier... Red train was being worked on.

Wicked Twister Again

Wicked Twister Again

Raptor Again



Power Tower Turbro Drop Agian

Top Thrill Dragster - Up then down, Up and running FAST (great job to the TTD crew) then down again, then up. The Launch still amazes me

Magnum Again

Millennium Force Again

Raptor Again

Wicked Twister Again

Power Tower Turbro Drop Again

Witches Wheel

(Coasters go down at 7:00pm due to incoming weather)

Anyways, I had an awsome time and the park looks great! *** Edited 5/12/2004 2:17:09 AM UTC by afifan***

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