Cedar Point - June 14

What a great day and park. Not sure if its the 'best in the world' but thats only because I haven't been everywhere. Maverick, Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster rode multiple times. Had FastPass but the regular lines didn't seem crazy long, even for a saturday. TTD was perfect, 120mph with no shoulder harness makes it much better then its counterpart in NJ. I think I swallowed a couple bugs on that one. MF is so smooth and is the perfect coaster experience without inversions. Rode second time at night, too fun!!! Maverick is just like it sounds, bucking bronco, all over the place and you walk off thinking 'what the hell just happened'.

Did GateKeeper first time. Fun, smooth and nice but wow, the Gforces on the outer 'wing' kinda made wonder if someone might pass out!

Coasters to miss: Mean Streak unless you walk off directly to a chiropractors office. Mantis, ugh, stand up coasters are not good for the neck: PASS.

Mine ride is fun, Gemini is great too, Blue Streak cuz you have to for history's sake, was a great day all around.

No Magnum?

Or Raptor?

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How was the FL+ wait for Maverick?

When you visit CP, visit my mill. est. 1835
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Or Fahrenheit.

Nice report. I went my first time last year. I remember everyone telling me Mean Streak would be painful, so I rode in the front and it was not bad at all up there, I would have rode again if my wife was not waiting on me - I had warned her it was rough just from 'net reviews so she stayed off it. Maybe i got a good day. Agree TTD is smoother than KK (which i just recently rode) but i thought KK was more intense overall - i can see why someone could prefer either. I too enjoyed the mine train - much better than the SFGadv one i just rode - basically longer, 2 lift hills vs 1.

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