Cedar Point - June 12 & Notes

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Wednesday, June 13, 2001 10:30 AM
We arrived at 8:30 in the Soak City parking lot.
The gates opened at around 9:30 and we ran to MF.
After a 20 minute wait, the ride opened up, and we were on the 4th train out. Good ride with a litte sprinkle of rain.
My and my friend then journeyed back into the eerily empty Frontier Trail. I sae Thunder Canyon
with no water, that was neat. Rode the Mine Ride, litterally a walk on never stopped walking from the midway to my seat.:)
Rode Mean Streak, also a walkon, we were the only one in the train. We then bought an elephant ear.
We walked over the Gemini, only one train running. In the station we were told that the ride
was closed.??? So we went to Woodstock Express, only I rode, he refused, claiming it was not a "real" coaster. On to Magnum, 15 minute wait, sat in the ejector seat, lots of airtime. Rode it again 20 minute wait, ejector seat again. I held up a dollar bill for my picture. Chaos was next, that is the scariest ride in the park.
Corkscrew and Power Tower UP came, walkon and short wait respecttivly. Iron Dragon and Wild Cat, walkon and 15 minute wait respectivly. I sat in my own seat for the cat, loads of air and sliding around in my seat. Waited in line for MANTIS more than an hour in the hottestest part of the day. Mantis sucks. I got shin splints from it.
We took the Skyride down to Raptor, one hour wait. She looks great with her new paintjob, smooth ride. Disaster Transport was stupid as usual, we made it to Alaska. Space Spiral and Ocean Motion. No one is in that area of the park, I looked around for anything hinting of a boardwalk project. Studyed the area.
We walked back up the park by means of the hidden administration buildings midway, rode Chaos and Magnum again, Ejector seat once again, best air time in that seat for sure. (Ejector seat is the third seat in the first car.)
Finally Gemini was open, two laps and she closed again, but I managed a lot of handslaps, and had a real loose lapbar.:)
We took a long walk over to MF, wait in line about 45 minutes, and another 45 for the front seat. The extra wait was worth it. Best ride in my life. So fast, tears were streaming out of my eyes, great view looking down that hill. Front is the best. It was getting dark by now, so we went on the Skyride yet agian to Raptor, very short wait, 15 minutes maybe.
Rode skyride back to MF, waited in line an hour. The lighting on the MF is so amazing, it is an attraction in of itself. So many vivid colors and patterns. Going up the hill with the lights on is awesome, going down into the darkness is even better. Not to mention fireworks going off from the Summer Spectacular. When we got off the ride a girl that my friend did not even know, went right up and kissed him on the lips??????? That is a pretty good ending if I ever heard of one.

Side Notes:
The food service was terriblely slow, my friend stood in a line of three people 15 minutes for chicken strips at the Dragon's Inn stall, and the people before him only got sodas??? The food service was slow elsewhere as well.
Also, to show how much the park goes on to treat it's guests, I was sitting down in Frontier Town, and big goose came walking up to two small girls. It was frightening them and an employee came over and slowly chased(walked behind) the goose across the midway and over a fence.
I also got shin splints on Mantis, so be careful.
The head op at MF was the biggest ***** ever she was yelling constantly at guests and other ops in a scracky voice, she sounded like Sam Kineson, God rest his soul. She even came all the way all the down to the que far from the station to yell at a kid sitting on a rail. She even carried the "candy cane hieght restiction pipe"
around like a club, I hope she didn't start swinging. Look out for here when you ride MF.
:) and :(
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