Cedar Point - First Time (02/19/02)

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This would be my second park on a 3 park trip. Traveling alone, I started out in Chicago at SFGA and concluded at SFWoA. The whole trip was done without a car, so if anyone needs any public transportation info, I have become all to familiar with it at every park.

Cedar Point

My shuttle bus from the hotel (Comfort Inn on Milan, nice place, $70, fast shuttle to the park) got me to the front gate by 9am. I bought my ticket with the $13 dollar coupon they send to us Canadians (thanks Cedar Fair) and surveyed the crowed and the sky. Both were unpleasant. I walked down to the Marina entrance and decided to wait with the dozen or so people there. That's when the rain began with some force. I got in at 9:30, but I'm not sure why. I thought it was only for people staying at the CP hotels but whatever. It was not like I was going to argue. It's really raining now, and the lake-like puddles everywhere where getting me annoyed.

I headed to Millennium Force (45-1.45mins, 2x, f&b). The line looked long but it wasn't going to get any shorter. After 45 minutes of standing in the rain (and I was dumb enough to be wearing shorts, England soccer jersey and sandals) I was damn cold when I stepped into the station. The adrenaline starting pumping though and I climbed aboard the back seat. Speed. That sums it up. Tons of amazing speed. That it what this coaster is about. Not air, not g's... it's all about speed, and I loved it. The front seat at night was even better. A world class roller coaster that blows you away with speed. I did miss the old lift chain that would give you a better idea of how high you were due to the time it would take to get up there, but this coaster is amazing. I wandered to the back of the park, only to find most rides closed. It better stop raining or this would be one horrible day.

It was only when I got back to the Corkscrew (15 min, 1x, back) that I found another coaster open. I hopped on not expecting much, and that's what I got. Decent ride with some amazing corkscrew over the midway visuals.

Iron Dragon (15min, 1x, back) was open. This ride lacked quite a bit. Having ridden 3 other Arrow suspended coaster I missed the speed of some of the others, as well as a drop of some sort. The helix over the water in the second half is it's saving grace, but give me Vortex at PCW or BBW at BGW any day. There were parts when it was just down right slow.

Over to the stand-up. Mantis (30-45 min, 2x, back) was another world class coaster. I loved that second inversion. Smooth and full of g's, just what I look for in a stand-up. Riddler is still my favorite but this ride is amazing. The fear factor also helps add to the fun. While waiting for my second ride there were two separate people who got to the trained and chickened out. One father was trying his best but the kid just wouldn't get on. It's good that coasters can still scare people. I walked towards the front of the park and the weather cleared up.

I hopped in line for Wicked Twister (30mins, 1x, back) and the sun even peeked through the grey for 30 seconds or so. WT was a fun ride. The twists were great and I had a lot of fun. Lots of laughing. The thrust through the station is almost as much fun as staring straight down the twists.

Disaster Transport (5 min, 1x, back maybe?) was now open. Why wouldn't it have been open in the rain? Is it not enclosed? Anyway, I enjoyed the disorienting dark twists and turns, but it was nothing to re-ride. Short is the best way to describe it. And there are so many other dark coasters out there done a lot better.

Blue Streak (15mins, 1x, back) had a bearable line, unlike Raptor, so I go in the cue. This coaster is a lot of fun. Great speed and some really nice air. Not too many violent turns or drops, which I enjoy, but a great ride. I would have rode it again had it been a walk-on or 5 minutes, but the line was too long compared to some to some of the other wait-to-thrill ratios in the park.

I walked all the way to the back of the park and got in line for Mean Streak (15min, 1x, back). I had heard good and bad things about this ride, but I was excited about it due to it's size and stories of roughness just get me more excited. I hated this coaster. I love violent throw you around, smash you into the lap bar rides. This was not one of them. It was violent but it a completely unpleasant way. It seems to vibrate my spine. I just wanted it to end. I never hold on during a ride, but I had to here in an attempt to get my back off the back of the seat. I have absolutely nothing good to say about this ride and I have no intentions of riding it again.

Mine Train (45mins, 1x, back) was next. After a horrible ride on Mean Streak and the burger I had not settling well, the Mine Train just killed me. After waiting 20 minutes to get to the loading platform for a ride I knew would not be that exciting, they decide to add a train, which was not a quick process. I understand the need for a 3rd train, but why not have it on in the morning? I guess they misjudged the crowd. Anyway, by the time I finally got on, it was a fun ride. The last helix is great and the whole ride is unbelievably smooth. Very pleasant and a great junior coaster.

Gemini (20mins, 1x, back/blue) was now working. This ride is a lot of fun. What is lacks in speed, g's and air, it makes up for in fun. high 5's across the track and an actually desire by everyone on both trains to kick the other train's ass. I would have rode it again if the wait/thrill ratio at other rides in the park hadn't been higher.

Time to hit Magnum (5-30 mins, 3x, 1 & 1.3) and all I can say is that I was blown away. Or perhaps blow out of my seat. The air was amazing. My thighs were hurting after getting tossed into the lap bar so much. I can't even count the number of times I was tossed out of my seat. I think one of those times going into one of the tunnels was the best. This is a world class coaster that just keeps giving and giving.

A quick trip on WildCat (5 mins, 1x, back). Nice second drop, some great g's, nice turns. A fun coaster but not worth re-riding.

Finally I decided to wait for Raptor (45mins, 2x, back) and I must say it was worth the wait. The inversions and twists were imaginative and the g's were present. The length of the ride was also amazing. Fun from start to finish with very little dead time. Another world class coaster with multiple reasons to ride it again.

Besides coaster I only hit the Power Tower and also enjoyed plenty of food and drink. The shopping was also good, although I couldn't find a real nice Cedar Point T-shirt, just great ones of the different rides.

I loved Cedar Point. It's a world class park that I would highly recommend going to. I was probably expecting a little too much, because I didn't see that much in the way of the famous Cedar Point friendliness or enthusiastic ride ops, save for Magnum, but is it definitely in the top 3 or 4 parks I've been to. It's in the top tier of parks in the world. I must admit at one point early in the day I was extremely disappointed, but by the evening I was loving the place. Everyone seems to open up and enjoy the park more when the sun goes down.

Thanks for reading and SFWoA is next.

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Nice TR. Cool to read TR's from 'first-timers".

It is amazing that you had to wait longer for CCMR than WT!

You're telling me! All I had heard pointed to a walk on and yet I was faced with a 20 minute wait that became 45. The wait/thrill ratio on that one was poor at best.
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So you made this trip in February? (02/19/02) :)

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Argg! Please make that AUGUST 19, 2002.

Actually, they let hotel guests in at 9:00 to ride MF and, what was supposed to be Wicked Twister (but now is Raptor.)

Park itself opens at 9:30 (to give people ample time to run to Millennium Force, or something) and the rest of the rides open at 10:00.

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