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First of all this is my first trip to CP. A well anticipated trip I may add. I'm from Mississippi. We have no coasters here, but a good thing is from central Mississippi, we can get to at least 5 parks in 3-8 hours or less; Astroworld, VisionLand, Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags over Georgia and Six Flags New Orleans which I guess you could call SFNO Mississippi's home park. Since it's so easy to get to DisneyWorld from here with $100 round trip flights, people know all about that and Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens in Tamapa.

I've never been to DL and I have no real desire to go because I like to ride coasters. I'm not really into 'experiences' and movie simulators. I mention Cedar Point and very few people know what I'm talking about. If it doesn't have "Six Flags Over" in the front, people don't seem to hear you. That's cool. More fun for me. :) But seriously when I get to talking about coasters, I always tell people they should go to CP and that was on my blind faith of it's coaster menu even though I'd never been there myself.

I had been planning to go to CP in 2005 actually. But this year, I was going to visit a friend of mine and we were going to go to Geauga Lake. My plan was to run down to New Orleans, get a Six Flags season pass to use at a future trip to SF Georgia and SF Texas but since Geauga Lake was sold. it voided the need for the SF pass so since I was going to spend money anyway and was going to be so close, I decided to go to CP on this trip. Originally, we were not even going to Geauga Lake at all but due to threatening weather, we went to GL on Saturday because we didn't want to drive all the way to CP from Akron and be dissappointed when we could just go to GL, not drive as far and at least have SOME coatser fun even though we had other plans for Saturday.

No reivew of GL here other than it's a nice place and we liked how close everything was as opposed to the walkathon SFoG is. Also, we were surprised how short the wait times were for a Saturday. Maybe the threat of the weather affected alot of people who would have come or, they went to CP instead.

We just played CP by ear. We planned to go on Sunday but, the weather didn't look to be in our favor so we just went to the movies instead. I hoped it would rain Sunday night (and it did) so that it would not be a problem for going Monday (and it wasn't)

The day started overcast and I was very happy. We were coming from Akron and the Weather Channel showed that the Sandusky area was clearing up. On the Ohio turnpike, it was cloudy but when we got to Sandusky around the Super Wal Mart area, it got very clear and became a beautiful day. I was looking around in the passanger seat of the car puzzled because I was like "Okay, were are this tall @$$ coasters? I don't see anything?" and then all of a sudden, you turn here, turn there, and whoop, there they are.

It was around 1:30 when we walked in the park. First up was Raptor. It was a 5 minute wait. Prior to this, the only inverteds I've been on are the ever popular Batman: The Ride clones and Serail Thiriller clones at Astroworld and Geauga Lake. BTR was my favorite coaster until this. It just blows Batman to bits. It's everything Batman is and more

After that, we went on Iron Dragon. Another 5 minute wait. Nothing spectacular but it was better than XLR8 in Houston. I got what I expected out of this coaster. The end was interesting though. I liked the mist at the end.

WildCat was next. This was surprising. It reminded me of a portable coaster I rode waaayyy back in the 80s when I was just a kid. Alot of sudden slow downs and the helix parts at the end were really fun. There was about a 10 minute wait for that one.

Mantis had about a 5 minute wait. After riding Batman in Houston, I had an idea how to adjust the seat to not crush 'the boys' but my friend did not and he found the ride uncomfortable. My beef was how the loop made the blood rush to my feet but other than that it was okay.

After that we took the train to the other side of the park, skipped past Mean Streak to ride the mine train. It was an easy walk on. The queue line was bare. I was disapointed in this one. I have to say that I still like the Dalhonega Mine Train at SFoG better. I liked some of the sharper turns towards the end, most memorable to me at this time is the one that turns above and to the right of the enterance when riding the train. But I didn't get that 'runaway' feel.

Back to Mean Streak and about a 10-15 minute wait. I think the last wooden coaster I rode was the Cyclone at Astroworld in 2001 and it wasn't that memorable. Raging Wolf Bobs and The Dipper or whatever it's called at Geauga Lake were not running when we where there 2 days earlier. Villian was working but we had plans that prevented us from fully enjoying Geauga . Back to CP and Mean Streak... I liked this. Very surprising. I loved the twists up and down. Very exciting ride. I guess all of the other woodens I rode, GASM at SFoG and Judge Roy Scream waaaaayyyy back in the 80s at SFOT were old. This being mroe modern and twisty made me look at woodens in a new light.

After that, We got on Magnum XL200. Virtually a walk on. the line moved fast running three trains we waited for about 3 rotations before we rode. I anticipated this ride alot because I read and heard so much about it. I have to say that it lived up to the hype. I liked how the lift was pretty quick as that satisfies people's attention spans. I loved the second drop and going into the 'drainage' part with the helix to return back towards the station. It's probably my favorite coaster at the park.

After that we went on Diaster Transport. The wait for this was longer than MXL200. My theory on this was maybe because people thought that alot of people would not be riding it, like I did and also because since you can't see the queue and us not knowing the full length of the queue we just stood in line until the end. It was cool not knowing where we were going but I probably would not have gotten on it had I known how long the line was before hand. I said they should install cameras with a monitor when you first walk into the building so that you can judge if you want to stand in line or not.

After that we got on Corkscrew with zero wait time. I didn't realize how short this ride was but it was cool. I mean I liked how the corkscrews are right above people's heads it made it more exciting than it would have been otherwise. This thing is so small it could fit in someone's backyard in Mississippi.

Gemini was next. Zero wait time again. We got on the red train. Neither of us has been on a racer before so this was cool to meet up and pass and get passed as the ride went along. I liked this ride alot. I wish it were longer but it's still a really good coaster.

After that it was back to MXL200 a second time and then directly nonstop to Millenium Force. The height wasn't a concern of ours. The line moved very fast. We sit in the back half of the train and we are cleared. Another quick lift hill and we get to the first drop. Neither me or my friend were fans of the feeling of freefall with butterflies in our stomachs. I'm more of an inversion junkie anyway with my friend just a 'whatever you want to do' type. We didn't feel being weightless on MXL200 thogh but wait. Maybe because we rode so many coasters beforehand, maybe because I just got off of a plane a few days prior but for some reason, we felt no 'freefall'. We thought with a drop as steep as MF we'd get a little something. We were surprised yet we were not exactly happy nor dissapointed.
Anyway, this was smoothest coaster I've ever had the chance to ride. Its so fast it's like flying almost. You get on the insanely banked turns that look sick from the ground but are nothing when you're flying through them on the train. We get off of it and are both like, "That was the $#!+" However, by that time all we wanted to do was eat so we left ate at Chili's and then it was back to Akron.

We didn't even notice Blue Streak until we were leaving, we didn't ride it for the same reason we didn't ride TTD. TTD was working when we got there but wasn't working after we got off of Magnum the first time but was working when we went to MF but we were too pooped and the line was tooooo long to wait for it. We didn't do Wicked Twister because my friend didn't want to do it, even though we were about to do MF. But I'm not one to force people to do things they don't want to. I hate Power Towers myself but my friend wanted to go on it.

I saw it on TV. Read message boards and saw the TV coaster countdowns and I have to say that CP is the best theme park ever. People from where I live who only know the Six Flags and Disney brands don't know what they are missing. From this point on, I will surely make plans to make a trip here a yearly tradition.

Good trip report!

it sound like you had fun for the first time that you were at cp. have fun!

"Coasters are life"- Userx

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