Cedar Fair will retain Nickelodeon license for at least three years at Carowinds, dropping Paramount

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Cedar Fair is stripping away Carowinds' former identity by dropping major licensing agreements, a process that essentially de-Paramounts the amusement park. Only one notable contract will be kept in place for at least three more seasons. That's with New York-based Nickelodeon Networks -- keeping characters SpongeBob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer in the Carolinas along with the park's signature daily parade.

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The use of the Paramount license at Kings Dominion and Kings Island is pretty weak in the first place, I imagine it was similar there too. The Nickelodeon license is far more powerfull though, hopefull they keep that after the three years mentioned.
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I was pretty worried up until I saw that rides like Drop Zone, Borg Assimilator, etc., would still be keeping their names and themes, at least for the time being. Removing "Paramount's" is not an overly major issue, and I was quite surprised to still see Paramount labeling at Kings Dominion on my most recent visit there.

I applaud their decision to maintain the Nickelodeon licensing for at least the next 3 years, and I do hope they continue to keep it even beyond that. I also hope, however, that they keep all the rides named after popular movies/shows/etc. as well, though, because those parks would be terrible without them. To think of riding simply the "Turbo Coaster" or yet another Power Tower/Thunderhawk/Dominator/etc. is something I do not even want to consider.

I don't mind the Nick theming for the kids stuff, but I'd be thrilled if they yanked the TV/movie theming from everything else. Far from being "terrible without them", those parks were much better before them, in my opinion.
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I'd hate to see the Tomb Raider license go at KI. Then again, from what I hear, they're doing a crappy job of keeping up on the effects.
I doubt the effects on Tomb Raider all worked at any given time since it's opening. FOF has dropped the exit spiel and some of it's effects and they've never replaced the strobes in the ship.

Honestly, Im kinda glad it's moving away from a theme park. all the paramount properties!

Chuck, dropping his boycott but hopes CF can get some unthemed scooters :)

For those of you who haven't ridden this year:

Tomb Raider's effects are almost non-existent. It still plays most of the audio, but the lights still only work as well as they did at their worst last season, the lave kind of boils but doesn't spray, and the ice doesn't drip. On the other hand, they did start playing the pre-show video again, which is something they cut out last year. They also removed several seats on the left side (if you were facing the seats) so they now load the whole gondola and did a good job of making it look natural.

Flight of Fear's lights are all on in the hanger. There is almost no sync with the video and even the house lights remain on. For shame...

This is all information as of last weekend, so please correct me if things have changed.


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