Cedar Fair will appeal Falfas ruling to Ohio Supreme Court

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Cedar Fair apparently isn’t ready to give former No. 2 Jacob “Jack” Falfas his job back or hand over more than $10 million Falfas says he is owed. The amusement park company will file an appeal next week in the Ohio Supreme Court. The company is trying to reverse a ruling last month by the Sixth District Court of Appeals in Toledo. The appellate judges ruled Cedar Fair has to comply with a 2-1 ruling by arbitrators that awarded Falfas his old job and gave him back pay.

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This story is honestly kind of sad. Take the money and move on with your life, Jack. Why would you want to go to a company that clearly doesn't want you there?

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A very different company at that.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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If I read that right, it's CF that's appealing the ruling, not Falfas. "Binding arbitration" never seemed to be an unclear concept to me before now, LOL....

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Right, but the first appeal was initiated by him when he "only" got the money and not the job back.

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I still don't think he expects his job back. Its about money damages. Initially he was only awarded back pay. With the appeals court ruling he gets back pay and his job back, he would now be entitled to money damages for breach of the contract going forward (assuming CF doesn't want to give him his job back which presumably they do not otherwise why appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court) in addition to back pay. But to get the forward looking damages, he has to show that he is ready, willing and able to live up to his end of the contract.

At some point I would expect them to settle. But right now, Falfas has upper hand in terms of damages. CF presumably views the potential benefit of an overturned appeals court ruling as being worth the cost of the supreme court appeal.

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Jeff said:
Right, but the first appeal was initiated by him when he "only" got the money and not the job back.

Ahhh, OK, I see where that was mentioned...albeit a little vaguely. Yeah, no way I'dd want to go back if I were him. Shoot, at his age, maybe move to FL and join Disney...LOL!

Why would you go public that you were filing an appeal before you do it? It makes no sense. Either someone leaked this in an attempt to force a settlement, or someone just can't keep quiet.

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