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Does any body know what park is on the home page of the Cedar Fair web site, to me it looks like Geauga Lake.

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Yeah, I would say so. I see Sky Scraper, Thunderhawk, the Ferris Wheel they have, Dominator, and Steel Venom (This is even though it's gone).
Look again. The impulse shown has two twisted spikes. Kind of narrows it down.
^ How does that narrow it down when it's also clearly Thunderhawk and Dominator represented alongside the Impulse?

My second question:

Who effin' cares?

The Executive Administrative Assistant position is open at Kings Dominion! This person must hear a lot of good stuff working so close with the VP/General Manager and Director of Finance. I think this might be the one job I would really want at an amusement park. As long as I still had the free admission ;)

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kRaXLeRidAh said:

Who effin' cares?

Your kidding right? Only a bunch of rollercoaster nerds like us on this site. 99 percent of the topics on this site the general public would think were crazy to care about and make a big deal over.

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More likely it's coasters from several Cedar Fair parks.

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Executive Administrative Assistant?

That would be a fancy title for "Secretary". The only thing they'd know is if a phone call came in from a Mr. Kinzel wanting to discuss the 2008 Capital Expenditure plans.

What about the Nocturnal Sanitation & Beautification Engineers? Any openings there? ;) (for those of you missing the joke, that would be the people at night who go around sweeping up all the trash and emptying the trash cans)

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