Cedar Fair (Water)parks Closed All Day For Weather?

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I happened to notice this year (maybe it has happened in the past) but I've received a few texts/e-mails from Geauga Lake...err....Wild Water Kingdom stating they were closed due to weather. I for the life of me can't remember Cedar Fair ever doing that. Has that happened before? I mean, it makes sense...especially in Ohio when it's 50 degrees one day and 89 the next. I just can't remember a Cedar Fair park just closing down totally. Usually when I'm at the park they try to wait it out. Any other Cedar Fair water parks do that?

I was also wondering about a rumor from a life guard at Soak City, who I don't think ran a dippn' dots stand, said they give out "rainy day passes to Soak City (at Cedar Point)" this year if "a majority of the day is a wash" I haven't seen this yet from Cedar Fair? Just struck me as odd of it's true compared with Cedar Point's policies in the past. I would find this a great move in the right direction.

Here's to hoping for something to eventually come to Geauga Lake sometime...besides a sandbox...kabana's...flat piece of cement (that's marketed as "new sun bathing area!"....

When I worked there in 2008, Soak City at CP was closed for the day on several occasions early in the season (much like this year, 2008 had a particularly cold and wet start to summer). When that happened, anyone who showed up with a ticket was offered a day pass at Castaway Bay instead.

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Hersheypark closed almost all day for weather when I visited last September. The locker attendant told me that the waterpark was the first to close, even if thunder is not detected.

I've been wondering myself if this is a new policy for waterparks, or if I just never noticed it before.


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In my experience with water parks, they will not open the water attractions unless the temp is over 65 degrees. This really screws people at Michigan's Adventure, because the water park is included in the price of admission, and if none of those rides are open, almost everyone in the park is on the ride side of the park, making the lines longer, and the over-all bang for your buck greatly reduced. And, they do not offer you a discount, if the water park is closed.

I think I have only been at MA once, where they offered guest a return ticket to come back to the park, as it was really a bad day. A big storm swept in, and knocked a majority of the power out in the park. They closed almost every ride for 3 hours, and shut down the water park. We opted to stick around until they got things running again, but, we still got our return tickets on the way out of the park. The bad thing about the return tickets is that they had a 30 day expiration date, and were not valid for Saturdays.

It actually ended up not being a total loss, as the park was packed before the storm hit. Once the pouring rain and the lightning came, and the rides started going down, people left the park in droves. As soon as the storm passed, it actually ended up being a nice evening, with about a fraction of guests left in the park. So when the rides re-opened, there was no wait for anything, and we had 2 hours of decent ride time, before the park closed at 9. They were supposed to close at 8, but stayed open an extra hour to make up for the 3 hours of lost time.

But, that's the only time it has ever happened there, that I know of. Also, I think this was before Thunderhawk and Grand Rapids were added to the park. I think the newest ride was Funnel Of Fear.

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When I was at SFGAm on 6/2 they announced at 11am that the waterpark which was supposed to stay open until 6pm was going to close at 1pm today. I thought it was the right decision seeing as calling the temperature 60 degrees was being kind.

Parks should definatly do this, if the weather is going to preclude you enjoying a park (high temp for the day <70, maybe as low as 65 provided it is sunny) it should be open. Thats just wasting money.

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