Cedar Fair wants to renegotiate lease for Great America before 49ers stadium is built

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In a letter to city officials sent this week, Cedar Fair Entertainment, the park's owners, say that continuing negotiations with the city and team should include the prospect of renegotiating Great America's long-running lease with Santa Clara, which provides for a minimum rent of at least $5 million per year. The company seeks a performance based lease to mitigate negative effects of the stadium.

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Asked whether the city would consider reducing Great America's rent, Mahan replied: "No. We have a contract. A contract is a contract."

Uh, doesn't that contract include a parking lot where you want to build a stadium?

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Mercury News link not working? Or is it me?

Edit: Nevermind, must have been me...its working now.

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Link doesn't work for me.

This is one that I hope Cedar Fair wins. I can not stand professional sports and the arrogance it has behind it. They try everything to get public domain on their side and local tax money to build stadiums. They then charge outrages prices to get into them and then pay a non-performer a multimillion dollar a year contract.

I am a native Pittsburgher that was pissed at Plan B. The masses that opposed it, forgot about it the next year but still pay for it in many ways. I wanted my Plan C that gave them their walking papers and spent the tax money on city infrastructure instead. (I never officailay proposed Plan C though). However, I moved out of the county and do not pay now....

Sorry for the long rant.....

Cedar Fair should call on Kennywood for a few pointers. Kennywood did an Economic Impact Study a few years back and compared what they spent vs the Pirates and Steelers. The Steelers were third, Pirates second, and Kennywood won.

The amusement park will win because of the amount of operating days, and the major x-factor, amount of payroll, both seasonal and full time. (Players salaries are not a factor).

No matter what promises the new stadium will bring, they never-ever can replace 1,500 to 2,500 summer jobs, which are the major benefit to the community. When kids have a job, they have structure, something to do.

Of course, some parks have closed, and left behind some great neighborhoods today, like Euclid Beach, Riverview Park, and Palisades Park, Freedomland USA, and a few more. Some 'less than stellar' neighborhoods include the old Elitch's Gardens, Fairyland Park, Astroworld, Rocky Point Park, and pretty much the Coney Island we all know but don't love. Some parks have left behind some decent shopping areas, like Willow Grove and West View Park, and they did create loads of part time work, I for one would rather have a park nearby.

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I think you're really reaching. The new sports venues in downtown Cleveland saved an area headed for complete ruin, while all of the water parks and amusement parks around town have disappeared. Great America out there has been a losing business for years.

Cedar Fair isn't looking for a better deal on rent... they're looking for an out.

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Agent, I did not know of that study. I am happy to see Kennywood did that. I sure hope the new city leadership took note though...

I agree with Jeff on this one with the Cedar Fair approach. I have not been in the area for a couple of years. However, I stayed at the Marriott with a balcony view of the park when Cedar Fair first took over a few years back (or it may have been around the time the deal was in the works). It looked like the whole area developed into something different. The park just did not seem to fit with the growth or the mentality of the area.

The only question is. Who is going to get the used inverted Vekoma hang and bang...

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