Cedar Fair to manage Kings Island Camp Cedar RV park

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The $27 million Camp Cedar will be a year-round outdoor luxury resort, according to a release from Kings Island. The resort will include a pool and space to park 164 full-service recreational vehicles, and up to 173 cottages.

Read more from The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Official site: VisitCampCedar.com.

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Very excited for this. We bought a camper earlier this year and got a lot of use out of it, including a stay at CP's Lighthouse Point, which was really nice. It's a good way to make a trip to an amusement park more of a multi-day vacation, especially in the COVID era, and I'm really happy that Kings Island will have this as an option as well.

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RV sales were through the roof this year, not surprisingly. I think there's a lot of demand for a more premium experience, too.

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I'm a bit skeptical of how "luxury" it will be, but we will see I guess. Here is a tweet with an aerial photo of the current construction site:


I mostly see this as Cedar Fair's attempt to get a piece of the hotel/lodging pie which they currently don't have any part of.

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Getting away from it all (next to a six-lane freeway)!

And don't forget the glow from the golden arches.

That seems like an awful location.

You can walk to dinner. There are a lot of cars lined up at the drive-thru. Walk in, order and walk out before the drive-thru line even moves much.

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The renderings compared to that drone shot is a perfect expectations vs. reality meme.

McDonald's will be "lovin' it".

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Rip Ride Rockit > Camp Cedar Location

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Not sure how enjoyable the camping will be with the sound of the interstate 20 yards away.

I've never understood Cedar Fair's idea of just leveling everything when they build something new instead of working around what is there. That whole area was all trees so you would think that with a camping area, you'd want to keep as much as you could for shade and you know, nature.


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Those trees aren’t being eliminated. They’re being sent to Dorney as their 2021 attraction.

Michigan’s Adventure will still get nothing.

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Now I have a reason to visit Dorney next summer.


It looks absolutely horrible. They cut down all the trees to build it. It’s located behind the McDonald’s in next to a freeway. One might as well keep in the Walmart parking lot for free

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I don't get the impression that Cedar Fair is building this, that they're only managing it.

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I didn't bother to read the article until after my post but now that I read it, its clear they are just managing it but I wonder if that's it. Curious if Cedar Fair is fronting the bill for any of it, having a say in the design, or picked the land. Both of the companies listed don't strike me as companies that would venture into this type of business with Cedar Fair. Terra does say that the land listed in the article plus some more along the interstate is slated for development with hotels and restaurants including an extension of Kings Island Drive.

I haven't paid much attention to Kings Island in years but I thought they had a camp ground at one point? Was that in the Paramount days and I am just really being on the KI info?


Kings Island had both a campground and a rambling family hotel. I think both were part of the original development though I don’t know if they opened with the park. The campground closed and was largely replaced by Great Wolf Lodge; the Kings Island Inn lasted a bit longer (I remember staying there for Banshee’s opening weekend) but has since been closed and razed.

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sirloindude said:

Those trees aren’t being eliminated. They’re being sent to Dorney as their 2021 attraction.

Dorney needs more charm.

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Since they are calling this a luxury resort, I assume there will be nightly tighty whitey Twister by the campfire to appease Timber Rider.

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Timber Rider is upset that the trees are going to Dorney.

(One could semi-seriously argue that this sort of a resort would make a little more sense near Michigan's Adventure. "Camping trip to northwest Michigan" has a somewhat better ring than "camping trip to the Cincinnati suburbs.")

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