Cedar Fair: The TRADITION is back

It was obvious that Geauga Lake couldn't compete with Cedar Point, but what about digging into the Lake's history and try to compete with it's other close neighbor in PA...Kennywood? Geauga Lake had a long history and already had some classic rides in place...namely Big Dipper, some vintage flats, and the monorail. One could even call Raging Wolf Bobs an homage to the Riverview Bobs and say it was a nod to the great history behind TRADITIONAL amusement parks. Instead of "The Fun is Back", CF should have marketed the park this way, going for the HISTORICAL, TRADITIONAL elements that made the park great. Could Cedar Fair have competed with parks like Knobel's or Kennywood? Probably, but have they ever attempted to showcase their park's history like that?...NO. One can only look at the chance they had to create a traditional boardwalk at Cedar Point back in the late '90's to see that they could have had CP's version of "Lost Kennywood" Cedar Fair has a lot of history in their parks. It's just a shame they don't exploit that part more, especially since CF has a hard time identifying itself with Six Flags, Disney, Universal or Busch. What is Cedar Fair's niche anyway? I think this will be the question CF needs to answer soon to be successful in the future. The TRADITION angle could be their answer, and should have been all along.
TRADITIONAL and HISTORICAL elements didn't stop Knott's Berry Farm's attendance from plummeting up until it was acquired by Cedar Fair in late 1997.

"Tradition" and "Historical elements" can only do so much.

P.S. Topics about "what Cedar Fair could have done" in reference to Geauga Lake has officially been beaten to a pulp and dumped into a toilet and flushed. Over and over. So please. No more.

I only used Geauga Lake as an example. If you don't want to hear anymore, than why did you reply? Also, I agree with you that TRADITION and HISTORICAL only get you so far, but if done right, it could take you much further. Pretty much half of Disneyland is based on HISTORY, and that still appears to be very popular.

Just taking some historical rides and thowing them into a park doesn't cut it, but creating a "story" through an emersive experience can take you back to the Roaring '20's and make you feel as though you're walking in your grandfather's footsteps. That is when HISTORY is done right, and this is what has made Kennywood and Knobel's so successful.

Seems like something is wrong with the toilet as this is one bad turd that keeps popping up...

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Yeah, I don't think we need yet another topic on this very dead horse.

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