Cedar Fair sold California's Great America!!

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Aw man, they just missed the Golden Ticket Award for Best Corporate Waste Management by a couple days.

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Doesn't surprise me that they are unloading - but I'm not sure 70 is the right figure? It seems a little low to me.

I would have thought this to go for 100-200 million at least.

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So will they get rides and all to sell off or does Cedar Fair plan on relocation of the rides in the park? Is this part one of this land going towards parking or the new stadium that has been talked about for some time?

Given the colossal headache the whole situation around that park has become, I'm not suprised they sold it at a lowball figure.

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I would think from the Press release that JMA simply is getting the keys. It doesn't state anything about moving any attractions or future rights there to.

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