Cedar Fair Season Pass Confusion

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 8:53 AM

DanLinden said:
So then I decide I'll just process my pass at CP when I go up there.

Except that CP doesn't process passes until next spring. You can buy the voucher now, but you can't get the actual pass until April.

I call to ask CP if I get the rest of 2008 on my 2009 pass, and I get, "No, you get 1 day at the park, and that 1 day is ONLY the day you buy a pass".

Pointbuzz said:

Beginning Sunday, Sept. 7, anyone who is not a 2008 Season Passholder and purchases a 2009 Cedar Point Season Pass or a 2009 Cedar Fair Platinum Pass at Cedar Point during regular operating hours will receive a complimentary ticket to Cedar Point (same type as the season pass purchased) on the day they purchase their pass. (This offer is not available to current passholders and is only valid on passes purchased at Cedar Point during regular operating hours from Sunday, Sept. 7 through Sunday, Nov. 2.)

(emphasis mine)

They made it pretty clear in their press release what the conditions for the free ticket were. Could they do better? Sure, but they didn't pull a bait and switch or anything like that.


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