Cedar Fair revenue up 5% through July 4

Posted Tuesday, July 10, 2012 9:34 AM | Contributed by Jeff

[Ed. note: The following is an excerpt of a press release. -J]

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and active entertainment, today reported that preliminary revenues through the Fourth of July holiday weekend were approximately $456 million, an increase of more than $20 million, or 5%, when compared with the same period a year ago. This period traditionally represents approximately one-third of the Company's full-year revenues.

The higher revenues are a result of a 2% increase in attendance and a 4% increase in average in-park guest per capita spending. Out-of-park revenues, including resort hotels, were also up approximately 2%.

"We are pleased to see these positive trends early in our operating season," said Matt Ouimet, president and chief executive officer. "It is clear we have gained traction on the strategic growth drivers we announced in January. Enhanced guest experiences, improved consumer messaging, dynamic pricing, advance purchase commitments and premium product offerings have all contributed to our strong early-season results. Supported by all of these initiatives, we continue to see our season pass programs grow across all of our properties as the consumers recognize the strong entertainment value these passes represent."

Guests at the Company's parks have responded favorably to the new rides and attractions that have been introduced this year as well. "The 306-foot-tall, 92 mph roller coaster, Leviathan, at Canada's Wonderland and the rebranding and major expansion of the Soak City water park at Kings Island have contributed nicely to our early-season growth in attendance," said Ouimet. "At the same time, premium benefit offerings and improved consumer messaging have resulted in increased guest spending, particularly at Cedar Point and Knott's Berry Farm."

Ouimet noted that virtually all of Cedar Fair's revenues from its seasonal amusement parks and water parks are realized during a 130 to 140-day operating period beginning in early May, with the majority concentrated in the peak vacation months of July and August. The third quarter of the year also historically has been the busiest for the Company's two parks that are open year-round, Knott's Berry Farm and Castaway Bay.

"We will continue to execute and refine our defined initiatives, but are pleased with the positive momentum that has been created thus far. Our new e-commerce platform, with an emphasis on season pass sales and advanced purchase commitments, has created a solid base for our parks to build on as we enter the peak vacation months of July and August," added Ouimet. "With approximately two-thirds of our annual attendance at our parks still to come, we remain confident in our 2012 attendance and revenue targets."

Read the entire press release from Cedar Fair.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 1:27 PM
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...premium benefit offerings...have resulted in increased guest spending...

Regardless of whether people feel they 'have' to or simply just want to, selling premium benefits is obviously working, here to stay, and is the reason parks (including Cedar Fair, finally) are adding them.

Not sure why that was so hard for Papa Dick to figure out. I loved having Fast Lane at Kings Island, and if I end up going to Wonderland as planned in September, I plan on purchasing it there as well. It's an espcially good deal if you already have a platinum pass and aren't at your home park(s).

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 1:45 PM
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Not to take away from the efforts of the executives and managers around the company, but if the economy is really that terrible, how is it that leisure industries are seeing such solid gains this year. And no, "up charge stuff" isn't the reason... it wouldn't sell if things were so terrible. And no, it's not the "one percent," because they can't single-handedly bring up per caps and occupancy.

Jeff - Editor - CoasterBuzz.com - My Blog - Phrazy

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 2:38 PM

Already purchased my Fast Lane for Canadas Wonderland for when I go in August.


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