Cedar Fair reopens Sawmill Creek

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Cedar Point reopened Sawmill Creek Resort this week after a multimillion-dollar renovation to the property, which has been closed for nearly three years. The result: An upscale, nature-themed new option for an overnight on the Lake Erie coast, with easy access to the water and some of Northern Ohio’s top attractions.

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Back in the day we thought Sawmill Creek was so beautiful. It was resort-ish, with a beautiful setting.
I remember sending a step daughter and her new husband there, armed with Cedar Point tickets, for a several night honeymoon stay. They were young and thought they were living high on the hog there.
I don’t remember details, and I’ll have to check, but I hope they’ll operate year round and get enough meeting and convention bookings to stay afloat during the off-season months. Summer shouldn’t be a problem.
The next time I’m up there I’ll be sure to stop by for a look-see.

I stayed there for a conference back in 1986, and it was already showing a significant amount of wear. At that time I wouldn't have recommended that anyone stay there. I sincerely hope that CF has done it up right, and operate it appropriately

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I stayed once in the 80's. They had a Mr. Do machine with the top panel broken. Even pre-teen me understood that you could reach down there and catch your quarter between the coin slot and cash box, and bounce the quarter up and down to make unlimited credits.

I was really good at Mr. Do.

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