Cedar Fair profits up 8%, Keller officially heading to Cedar Point

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Cedar Fair, LP announced yesterday that its quarterly distribution (money paid to unit holders) is up 8% over last year, despite falling short of attendance and revenue goals.

CEO Dick Kinzel also officially announced the appointment of Dan Keller as vice-president and general manager of Cedar Point, following the retirement of Don Miears effective at the end of the year. Keller is currently a manager at sister park Worlds of Fun.

Read the press release on the Cedar Fair corporate site.

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Wooo Hooo!

Let's go light a bizillion bottle rockets off in front of WOF! Oh happy day!

Good Luck Phil, we hope you can bring back WOF to it's glory days!
There is no evidence to support your headline. It is misleading. The article only states that distributions are up, not profits.
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Well if you aren't making more money how are you going to pay more to the unit holders? Distribution isn't based on gross revenue.

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What saved CF:LP this year was Knott's. The weather this season put a damper on the other parks take.
that and the fact that Dorney and WOF didn't add much of anything. Wow a mouse and a boomerang.
how original. :(

Maybe in 02...for WOF


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