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Hello, this is my first post on the site, Ive been reading for years, but decided it was time to join a coaster club.I just had a few questions about my the platinum pass as this is the first year I have bought a Cedar Fair pass.

I will be making my first trip to coaster mania this year. I wanted to make sure that all I need is a membership here and the platinum pass to go to the event, there is no other charge right? Another question I had was on monday after coaster mania I plan on going to Kings Island, can I go to Cedar Point for a few rides in the morning then go to Kings Island and use my pass there also on the same day? Thank You.

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Yep, your platinum pass and CB membership card will do the trick. I don't see why you can't go to both parks in the same day. From what I remember, their system does batch updating anyway, so they are (as of a few years ago, anyway) unaware if you were to use the same pass at two parks in the same day until after it happened.

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Did CP and KI on the same day last year with no problems

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I have done MiA and CP in the same day. No problem.

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My only experience with same day visits has been Great America and Gilroy Gardens. And that was before they got the system straightened out...pass didn't scan at Great America, did at Gilroy.

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The only issue you should have at a park is if you try to use your pass for entry more than once at the same park per day. Just get a hand stamp and you will be fine. But the platinum will get you into the parks (multiple) per day.

Thank You, I am very excited for coaster mania it seems like an obscene amount of ERT. How many people are usually there during the ERT sessions? Enough to have lines?

NitroRider, I have been to the past two Coastermanias and I can tell you there are probably well over 1,000 people maybe more. I am not the best judge of that though so that is a wild guess. Every year it seems like they up the amount of ERT time and add more coasters to the lineup as well which makes the lines very short. Last year I rode Maverick 8 times in about an hour with no line. MF was about a 15 minute wait. TTD was about a 15 minute wait. Magnum was a walk on and occasionally you will get a ride without the trims off which is amazing. Raptor, Wicked Twister, Skyhawk, and Maxair are walk ons. I give props to Cedar Point for putting on a great event each year.

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Is CoasterMania also held anually at Kings Island? I have no idea about special events that members of paid enthusiasts sites are invited to, that's why I ask. I'm very interested in learning more. It sounds like it's just a Cedar Point thing, but I figured I'd ask anyways. Cedar Point is just way too far for me to drive. It's awesome that people have done Cedar Point and Kings Island in the same day, though. I just generally hate driving and Kings Island is a very easy drive or else I probably wouldn't go there very much either.

Please disregard answering this question if you've already responded to the thread I started on CB events at Kings Island.

CoasterDaddy said:
The only issue you should have at a park is if you try to use your pass for entry more than once at the same park per day. Just get a hand stamp and you will be fine. But the platinum will get you into the parks (multiple) per day.

This is true. Kings Island has a strict no re-entry policy during Halloween Haunt in October. Kings Island states that Halloween Haunt is for mature audiences only, but only for events after 7 PM on Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays.) If you go with your kids during the day and then take the kids home and go back to Kings Island after 7, they will not let you in. It's not just for people who enter after 7, leave, then want to come back after 7. If you go to the park at 10 in the morning and leave at noon then want to come back after 7 you can forget it.

There are all kinds of tips and tricks, fully legal mind you, that I know when it comes to admissions at Kings Island. I even knew the magic words to say to get my family back into the park after 7 one October night...

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I've done several same-day visits: Cedar Point and Soak City. No issues.

I may not be able to get out to sandusky until around 9 oclock on friday, does anyone know the latest you can register and get in for the ert?

Edit: I also have to process my pass when I get there, do they close the processing center before the park closes? Ive never got a Cedar Fair pass so I am not really sure what the procedure is for processing the passes is. Sorry for all the questions I just want to cover all my bases. Thanks!

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Nitro, I got there at 8:30pm two years ago and I was able to register fine. You should be able to do the same getting there at 9.

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The pass center and registration are open until park closing.

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Just throwing in... I can't wait!!

While I have been to CP countless times thru the years this will be my first CoasterMania event! We are actually going to camp for 10 days for our vacation!

Yea this next week for me is going to be soo long. I took 2 trips to CP last year but the lines were like 2.5 hrs each time, I'm really excited to see the park not mobbed. Ill be camping also, where are you camping? Were going to Camp Sandusky, Then going to Kings Island for the first time and camping there for a few days. Im so excited Ive been waiting for a trip like this for 5+ years of being addicted to coasters. I just hope the weather is reasonable, I don't mind if it rains but with CP's rain policy that may complicate things.

So that is cool.. we are staying at the same campground... wish the parks would have tent camping available on site. Camp Sandusky is ok though, I looked at the area and there is fast food and convenience store within crawling distance!

If you're staying at Camp Sandusky, I recommend heading across the street to Margaritaville and/or down the street for some Toft's ice cream. :)

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Chris, you're thinking of Cold Creek Trout Camp, which is on route 6. Camp Sandusky is on route 101 right off of route 2. There is a Micky D's and a Subway at the gas station across the street from Camp Sandusky.

If you want to head to the 'Ville (BTW worst Mexican food and margaritas ever) or Toft's, it would only be a few minutes by car.

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I always wondered how that Margaritaville is allowed to have that name. I once asked the manager of a REAL Margaritaville (in Orlando) if they were aware of the imposter, and he said that he never knew about it, but he'd let his boss know.

The fake Margaritaville near Sandusky is still open. I always wonder how they are able to keep that name.

I ate there a few times when I worked at the park. I wasn't greatly fond of their food, but their black bean chili was pretty good, for a cheap crap-hole of a restaurant. Steak 'n' Shake's black bean chili is WAY better though.

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