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I haven't seen any reference to this so I figured I'd say something. On CP's blog two days ago they posted a link for the Platinum Pass benefits for ALL the Cedar Fair parks. Early park entry, Preferred parking at some parks, Buy one get one for some upcharge attractions, late rides on certain dates, all kinds of goodies. To get the full scoop JUST CLICK HERE to open a pdf file listing all the benefits at each park.


Taking a second look I noticed that Dorney Park is not listed as having any benefits at all.

edited to add that last part.

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We were talking about it in this thread. :)

Figures. I read that thread when it first popped up and never went back afterward. Feel free to delete this thing entirely before it adds to my poor reputation.


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

I have a few questions for anyone who's had a Cedar Fair pass recently. My girlfriend and I are planning on going to Cedar Point this summer (we've never been there) for three days, staying two nights in Breakers. We've already reserved the hotel for those nights. What we're wondering is whether it would be more economical for us to buy a platinum pass on our spring trip to Dorney, or whether Cedar Point has some sort of deal for hotel guests that would be cheaper for three days. In addition to going in the spring, we're probably also going to visit Dorney in the summer and during the Halloween season. But since we're staying in Breakers, we won't have to pay parking at Cedar Point and we'll get early admission to the park, just the same as if we had a platinum pass. Also, until they closed Geauga Lake we were going to stop there on the way back from CP. We don't do waterparks, so that's another perk that wouldn't be doing us any good now. But here's the two things that are really puzzling me. First, Dorney's website says that platinum pass holders may have to go to Guest Relations to get into other parks. Will staying at Breakers automatically do away with that requirement? We don't want to waste our hour's ERT walking around trying to figure out how to get in, we're going to want as many rides as possible on the good stuff! Second, the platinum pass brochure, as well as Dorney's website, say that passes aren't good for fall events that require an additional admission fee. Since Dorney is supposed to be upgrading from Halloweekends to a Haunt this year, how does that work? We've never been to any other CF park, so we don't know whether the price of a Haunt counts as normal admission -- and Halloweekends were always reduced-rate admission, not even normal rate.

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I'd recommend a platinum pass for you....and paragraphs. ;) :)
Also, dont worry about going to the main gate for guest relations. If for some reason they cant scan your pass in at the turnstile, every gate has a clipboard where they will write down your pass number and let you in. Did it for years back when we went on family trips to WoF/OoF as the finale of our big western vacation and then did a little trip to Ohio later (back when the WoF/OoF pass only cost 1.5x a CP only admission ticket.)

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