Cedar Fair pass renewals: FYI

Apparently, when I renewed our CP Plat passes this year using the online system, my old pass numbers weren't actually renewed, and completely new ones were issued instead. I found this out today when my daughter was there on a school trip (without the rest of us) and could not get into the park on her pass. A phone call eventually sorted things out, but it was unpleasant.

Apparently, this has been happening frequently. So if you renewed CF passes online this year, you might want to bring along your receipt just in case, and be ready to spend a little time in the SP Center in case you need new ones made.

The odd thing about all of this: we did successfully use our '13 passes at Knott's this past February, though it required a visit to Guest Services.

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Yep, we renewed our Carowinds Platinum passes online and when we got to KI, they showed that they were expired in 2012. I showed them my email receipt and they said we had to get new passes and new photos taken. Took about 30 minutes.

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Interesting. I renewed my Platinum Pass from Carowinds from last year and all I did was take it to the park, they scanned it, and I went in. I had no issues what so ever.

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I have a KI Platinum Pass from last year that I renewed online. First park I went to this year was CP and had no problems getting in with that card.

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