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I was just wonderin

Has Geauga Lake improved since Cedar Fair bought it? I was thinkin about making a trip out their and i wasnt sure if it was worth it. I've been there when it was owned by six flags and i didnt know if it changed that much...

Also, what about the other Cedar Fair Parks (besides cedar point). Are they and good?

Just lookin for some opinions. Thanks!

Geauga Lake has changed alot, and it still has some way to go.

The employees are friendlier, faster, and more curtious. The park is much cleaner.

If you've ever been to Cedar Point, at Geauga Lake you get that "Cedar Fair" feeling. The ride lines are great, and the park is always packed during the day at Wildwater Kingdom and then at night and morning at Geauga Lake.

The mechanics are very fast, I don't think I saw a ride down for more then 5 minutes.

Raging Wolf Bobs is....... wonderly smooth. You have to ride it! You'll feel the difference. Now time for the Villan.

Just don't exspect the monorail to run, or to see a pleasant waterpark view from the "Sky Scrapper". I do have to admit the former Turtle Beach/Hurrican Hanna is a dump. But with the recent additions to Wildwater Kingdom, I'm sure that will be out in a few years.

Take a trip, because it's well worth it.

Geauga Lake has improved it's offerings with a nice, clean, new waterpark, Wild Water Kingdom, although there is no longer a separate children's lazy river, separate pre-teen activity area and slides, and the Neptune Falls 'wedgie-making' waterslides. WWK, instead, has a combined-family group of slides and activities, as well as a new tornado slide, and a better-than-normal brand-new wavepool.

The children's area, Kidsworks PlayZone, formerly Looney Tunes Boomtown, still has the same rides, now stripped of their WB references, and in some cases have little to no scenery and/or painted facads. It is sad to see that the former location of 'Marvin The Martian's' Spritzing Walk-Thru Helmet is still known by the cut-off bolts and shaded paint as you walk thru the kids area.

Customer service does seemed to have improved, and the lines waiting for food and drink have also improved alot.

GL does need to add a better balance of quality food and drink options. I have only been eating at the small grille behind the 'Splash Landing' section of WWK, "Big Daddy's BBQ", because it is the only place in the park to get a properly flame-broiled burger, cheeseburger, or bratwurst. All the other park food seems to be disgustingly over-greasy (if they 'cook' it for you), while other food is so dry, you can tell it was sitting under a heat-lamp all day. It also would help if they used their Pepsi partnership to an advantage, and make some specialty summer drinks using the Tropicana Twister brand.

Overall, I'd say the park has changed alot...some good, some bad...you'll have to make that decision in person. I do suggest you visit the park for the WWK experience, especially if you take younger children like I do.

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Just like any Cedar Fair park, there are lots of trash cans and concrete walkways.

The only thing the park needs now more red, orange, yellow, blue, and teal paint.

/\ lol, and at least ONE coaster with a "screaming green and purple" color scheme.
Well they have X-Flight, which is close enough.

so is it the general consensus that people don't like cedarfair parks because their rides aren't dull in color and there is not trash all over the place?
No, not at all. In fact, I quite like the Cedar Fair parks. But what I don't like is how like-minded some of the parks have become. I know that Cedar Point holds a lot of memories for people, but it sometimes seems like that park is the only one in the chain that's trying to hang on to it's nostalgia.

In most area's there have been imporvements. It's cheaper, cleaner, and the workers are friendlier.
IMHO, the only thing missing are the dolphins from the SF days. I got used to them real quick and miss them. such is life.

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